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I met a guy on-line and said I wanted to suck his cock and have him suck my cock. He invited me to his motel room so I agreed. When I got there I texted him. He said he had a friend and asked if that was alright. I said it was and headed to his room. I knocked on the door and this good looking slender woman answered the door. She invited me in and said he would be out of the bathroom in a minute. When he walked out he was in a bra and panties with stockings on. I thought this was exciting. I asked if she was joining us and she said maybe, but only if she likes what she sees.

I took his panties off and knelt between his legs. He had a nice cock and I took it in my mouth. He was soft and had the perfect size for sucking. I was able to take his entire cock in my mouth and sucked him until he was hard. About that time I felt her on the bed behind me. She started to lick my ass and had her hand on my cock. He managed to cum rather quickly and began to go soft in my mouth. He said he was only good for one cum a night and said he would just watch. I turned over and she started to suck my cock and playing with my asshole. I was hard as a fucking rock and she mounted me. She lowered herself onto my cock and started to slowly go up and down. She came once and collapsed on me. We kissed a while while I was still inside her. Then she asked if I wanted to fuck her ass. Before I could answer she switched holes and before I knew it she had plunged her ass down onto my cock. I closed my eyes and it felt like a mouth on my cock as I was ass fucking her. She shrieked and came a second time.

After a minute of resting she got off of my cock. She wiped it off and straddled me in a 69 position. I was sucking on her sweet cunt and she was sucking my cock. she asked if she could finger my ass while she sucked me. I told her I was looking forward to it. She shoved a wet finger into my ass and started to finger fuck me. She seemed a little tentative and I told her to go as far and hard as she wanted. I felt her finger go all the way in and she put a second finger in and was finger fucking me while I was getting ready to cum. I said I was gonna cum and she clamped her lips around my cock and her fingers found my prostate. I came harder than ever. She took it all as she finger fucked me and I filled her mouth with a huge load.

She kept my cock in her mouth until I was totally spent and she has sucked all of the cum out of me. She finally took her finger out of my ass and her mouth off my cock. She laid on top of me and we made out for a few minutes. I could taste my cum on her tongue as we kissed. When we were finally done she said it was the best fuck and blowjob she'd ever been a part of. She asked if she could move in with me and she would suck my cock every day if I wanted. I told her I was married and it wouldn't be a good idea. She then asked if I could cum twice in one night. I didn't know but said I was willing to try. She told her friend to leave for a while while we played. He got dressed and left and she clamped her lips on my cock. It took about 20 minutes until I was able to get hard and another 10 to finally cum. She took it all and kept her lips on my cock a little longer than necessary. she said that it was okay if I liked cock as well as pussy and invited me to travel across country with her. Of course I couldn't go but finally got her off of my cock. It was one of the most exciting nights of my life and I'll never forget that night with her but I had a wife to get back to.

I've been trying to get my wife to suck my cock like that and last night was the first time she played with my asshole while she sucked me. I think we're on to something...