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I am a part too me Uber/Lyft driver I mostly work weekend nights, usually Thursday through Saturday nights. A large majority of my passengers are people I am picking us from bars and transporting them safely to their residences.

Last weekend, it was homecoming weekend for the local university. I was busier than usual and the bars were quite packed with students enjoying the big football game win over an arch rival Around 11PM last Saturday night, I picked up two girls who had been at a bar and wanted to go to another bar on the other side of town. One girl sat in the back seat, the other girl sat up front in the passenger seat because she thought I was hot.

The first few minutes into the ride, the girl up front was touching me any way she could. She asked if she could use my iPhone cord to play her favorites the song. The song came on and she started dancing quite erotically. I got aroused by it. She must have been able to tell because she started asking me if passengers ever hit on me, or gave me their phone number etc. we talked for a few minutes about those questions. Next, she asked me what’s the craziest thing a passenger has ever done. I began telling her stories about some crazy passengers when she grabbed my head while at a traffic light and started French kissing me. I could not believe she had the nerve to just go for it. When the light turned green, she and I just kept looking at each other while I drove.

At the next traffic light, she turned around in her seat to talk to her friend in the back seat. As she turned towards the back seat, she rested her left hand in the center console.for support. A few seconds later, I felt her hand squeeze my cock. I cleared my throat to let her know I was aware and shocked by what she was doing. As the light turned green, she continued talking to her friend while squeezing my cock. I was so damn hard.

At the next traffic light, she told her friend in the back seat to hang on a few minutes because she had to do something. The next thing I know, she lets go of my cock and starts unbuckling my belt. She then unzips my jeans and grabs my long hard cock and frees it from my pants. The second I felt her warm,soft mouth on my cock, I was in heaven. She sucked cock like a pro.

When her friend in the backseat figured out what was going on, the friend in the backseat asked her “Does he have a nice cock”? Her friend up front replied “It’s magnifivcent” and began giving me a blow job. All of a sudden, the girl in the backseat jumps through the two front seats and asked if she could have a turn. In that moment, I turned into a hotel parking lot.

For the next few minutes, they both alternated sucking my magnificent cock while the other one kissed me. They were both wearing shorts so I was able to finger their pussies while they sucked me.

After I shot my load in the front seat girl’s mouth, we headed baxk towards the bar across town.

Several hours later, I get a phone call from the backseat girl. She asks me to come pick her up and “take my drunk ass home and fuck me.” So I did....ALL night and most of the next day.

Although the front seat girl made the first move, the backseat girl gave a better blow job and a tighter pussy.

Now, I have the best “craziest thing a passenger ever did” story.