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I am a 29 yr old white male, I am happily married but I have seeked out and performed several sex acts with various strangers. I would normally start by contacting women on various dating apps, making my intention clear from the get go because I don't have time to spare courting a person I just want to engage in freaky sex acts with. So far I have eaten out three random women who I don't even know their name. I would start by telling them I enjoy letting a woman use me for her entertainment and pleasure, insinuating I would do anything she asked of me short of paying for sex because that's really my only turnoff. Then when it seemed she was interested in meeting we would set up a quick pussy eating date because that's the main thing I offered and the simplest thing that I could let a woman know I was all about pleasing her.

Upon the first meeting, the college girl couldn't have been older than 19, I was around 26 at the time. She agreed to meet me in the parking lot of the apartment that I lived in. At the agreed upon time after I knew my wife was sleeping, I snuck out the front door, headed down the stairs and awaited a message telling me that she arrived. Several minutes later she responded and I instructed her to meet me at the mailbox, she pulled up in a silver Ford fusion, light skinned, thick and wearing a matching sweatsuit outfit she looked curious and nervous. I approached the passenger door and waited for her to motion me to enter. As I sat down there was a brief moment of akwatd silence. Then she said "So, what's up", at which point I simply replied, "I am ready to eat your pussy". She simply smiled and had a nervous but intreagued look on her face. "So where do you want to do that at?" She asked. " Just pull around the side of the apartments that has no widows facing out and no street lamps" I replied, she did as I said then we parked. Another akearc silence followed by her shrugging her shoulders, exiting and walking around the car and getting into the back seat. I followed suit and immediatley pulled her gray sweatpants and panties down while she lifetd her nice round soft ass and thighs into the air.

I began sucking, licking and tasting the sweetest, softest pussy I've ever tasted. After about 15 minutes people were going to and from their cars and that seemed to amuse her and she didn't mind if someone saw her having her pussy licked at all.. after about 10 minutes I got up and pulled out my dick, she didn't protest but kind of looked annoyed. I started fucking her without a condom and she just turned her head and looked out the window while I stroked her and I came in less than a minute. I had pulled out and nityed in my hand so I asked her where I should put it, she told me "eww, just wipe it on the seat". Which leads me to believe that it wasn't her car. So to this day her mom or dad is probly riding around with a big cim stain I left on their back seat.

We never met up again but she did regularly use me for entertainment on video chats where I would do anything she told me , including riding dildos and sucking myself off and swallowing the cum Everytime she wanted to watch me cum.

I enjoyed sharing this story as it is 100% true and is a big turn on just thinking about it. I will possibly share the rest of my stories one day if the urge strikes me, including the one time I decided to meet a stranger off of Craigslist at his home while his wife was at work and suck him and bend over on the couch while he fucked me and my face was 6 inches away from their family portrait, the most slutty situation I have ever been in...