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My husband died at 53 of a heart attack. That was three years ago and I've sort of played the field for the last year. I have a 24 year old son who just got out of the army and currently lives with me. He is just like his dad and is pretty much an alcoholic. He often drinks to excess and is a mean drunk. He calls me all kinds of names, but that night a few months ago was over the line. He was 22 then. He said I was the biggest cunt and cock whore he'd ever seen. Of course he was drunk and I had a few too many that night as well. I got pissed at him and slapped him and scolded him for speaking to his mother that way. I guess that was the wrong thing to do. He slapped me back and said that a cunt like me needs to learn how to really please a man.

I was shocked at his words but even more so then he reached down and ripped the front of my blouse. He pushed me against the wall and said I could do it or he would do it for me. He told me to strip. I was shaking with fear but as his hands came forward I undid my bra and took my blouse and bra off. Then he said to take my pants off. I did. He reached down and ripped my panties so they fell off as well. I was standing there naked when he said to tell him I was a fucking slut. I said it. Then he said, "So, if you're such a big slut you won't mind sucking my cock." With that he pushed my shoulders down. I was sobbing by now and he said to undo his pants and take his cock out. I reluctantly did it. His dad had a pretty big cock but his was much larger. He was already half hard when he twisted his hand in my hair and said to make him hard.

I was drunk and scared and shaking and afraid I was about to be raped my my son. He pulled me toward his cock and said to suck it. We never had him circumcised and he had an absolutely gorgeous head with a hood. He put his cock up to my mouth and said to suck it. He shoved his large cock in my mouth and started to mouth fuck me. As much as I didn't want to I really enjoyed sucking such a large cock. It really was the largest I'd had. He said to make myself cum as I sucked him. I put a hand down to my cunt and started to play with my clit. If it wasn't my son this would have been heaven. I hated it at first but within two minutes of sucking his cock and fingering my cunt I was getting into it. Before I knew it I got a mouthful of cum. He didn't warn me but just unloaded in my mouth. It tasted much better than his father's cum and I was relishing the taste. I swallowed every fucking drop and he said I was the best cocksucker he'd ever had, man or woman.

I felt proud at that remark but was immediately brought back to the reality it was my son I just sucked. I started to pull away but he still had hold of my hair and said to make him hard again. He said he was going to fuck me and ruin me for any other men. I tried to pull away but couldn't . It wasn't long and he was hard again. Then he pulled out of my mouth and told me to get on all fours. I was afraid not to so I complied. As soon as I had gotten down I felt his cock at my cunt. I was already slippery from my own cum and he filled me until his nuts hit me. "Oh fuck" I screamed. He started to fuck me and I was soon cumming. Then I came again. By the third cum he announced he was going to pop my ass cherry. Before I could protest he pulled his cock out of my cunt and shoved it in my asshole. It hurt like a bitch and I was begging him to stop. He didn't stop but kept fucking my ass until I finally relaxed and noticed after a few minutes that I was cumming again. I thought "What the fuck is happening here." I'd never been fucked in the ass before but found this exciting. I came another time before he pulled his cock out of my ass.

He wiped his cock off with my torn blouse and shoved his cock in my cunt. It filled me like no other could. He fucked me for another half hour before he announced he was cumming. It wasn't as much as before but I definitely felt it. He finally pulled out and I collapsed. He turned me over and straddled my chest. He still had some drips of cum on his cock and as he straddled me he stuck his cock up to my lips. He didn't even have to ask as I leaned up and took his cock in my mouth and sucked him clean. Then he leaned down and kissed me. His tongue explored my mouth and I felt like I was going to cum again.

He finally rolled off of me and sat up. He said that I had the biggest tits and nipples of a woman he ever fucked and from now on I was to be his bitch. I was to suck his cock or let him fuck me in any hole he wanted. If it was proper i would have married him right then and said through my drunken state that I would be his bitch whenever he wanted. We slept in my bed that night and in the morning he made me suck his cock and take his cum even before he pissed. I love his cock and for the last two years I've sucked him so much I can't count the times. I've never met another man with such a big cock. I wish I wasn't his mother because I want that cock now every night. Sometimes I get to suck it or have him fuck me and other times he brings home a really perverted woman and has me lick her cunt to orgasm or even tongue fuck her. We've had numerous threesomes and he has no plans on marrying anytime soon. He said that when I stop being his cunt he would throw me aside and leave me to fend for myself. I am 55 now but figure I have at least 10 more years before that happens. I love his cock and have, and will do anything he wants. He's my son, but he's also my master...