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I was drunk as shit that night. We'd been married for 17 years and rarely drink but for some reason that night my wife bought a case of beer and we proceeded to drink. She had a couple and I had a couple too many. She was sitting on one end of the couch and I was laying on my back with my head in her lap. I was fading in and out as I was way too hammered to know what I was doing. Then she said, "Honey, what's your greatest sex fantasy?" I mumbled that whatever she wanted was okay with me. Then she said, "What's the weirdest sex thing you've ever done?" I wasn't thinking very straight and my guard was down. I said "There was one time when I let Mike fuck me in the ass." She went silent. She knew Mike and knew he was gay. She didn't want to shock me back to reality and knows I like my nipples rubbed. She put her hand on my chest and was soothing me with her fingers on my nipples and said "so, how long ago was that?" We'd known Mike for about 10 years so it had to have happened well into our marriage. I was almost passed out when she pinched a nipple and brought me back into a waking state. "Did you suck his cock too?" I said "Had to. You can't fuck with a soft cock." Then she said "How many times has Mike fucked you?" I mumbled that it was about 10 times. Then she asked who else had fucked me. I said I didn't know their names, just some guys I've met. At that point I passed out.

I really had no memory of it the next day but she was acting weird. When I asked if I did anything stupid while I was drunk she said no and left it at that. A few nights later she gave me a blowjob. She rarely does that anymore but was feeling frisky I guess. We were in a 69 position and I felt her hand rub up and down my ass crack then a finger entered me. She asked if I liked that. She had never done that before. I said that it felt good and to keep going. I had one of the biggest cums that night. That Friday night she came home with another case of beer. She had a couple and I got hammered again. She showed me the video the next day from her phone: I was in my recliner almost out again when she let Mike in. Then she said to him, "Like I explained before Terry told me all about you and him fucking and he wanted me to watch you fuck him. He might be a little drunk but I think he's up for it." Mike just said "Cool." He walked over to me and took my hand. "Come on, let's sit on the couch." I got up and he led me to the couch. We sat down. He asked Janice if she was sure about this. I heard her say "Oh fuck yeah. I've been waiting for it." He turned to me and kissed me. I responded. We made out for a couple of minutes and he was undoing my shirt and pants while we kissed. He broke the kiss and said to get naked. My little cock was already hard. Probably harder than when she gets me hard. I was naked on the couch and he said to undress him. I clumsily got his clothes off. His cock was much bigger than mine and uncut. I heard her say "Wow, that's a really nice cock. Do you swing both ways." Mike said yes, he was bi-sexual. Then he stood in front of me and told me to suck him. I took his cock in my mouth and started to suck him. He got hard pretty fast and pulled his cock out of my mouth. "Tell me you want my cum" he said. I said "I want to drink your cum."

The video shook a little as Janice propped it up on the table and she came into view. She was totally naked and said that she wanted his cock before Mike shoved it in my ass. She knelt down and sucked him for a couple of minutes and had her hand in her cunt. Then she knelt on all fours on the carpet and told him to fuck her but don't cum. He fucked her for about five minutes and said he had to stop or she would get it all. He pulled out of her and she sat on the couch next to me. She said for me to swallow his load. I sucked him for a couple of minutes and he filled my mouth with his cum. She made me show it to her and the camera and then swallow. She asked Mike if he could get hard again. He said that in a little bit he could. She got up and got all of us another couple of beers. He had her sit on his lap facing him and they made out for a good 15 minutes. He said he could probably go again if somebody sucked him enough. She knelt in front of him and started sucking him. Then she told me to suck him hard. I was pretty compliant in my drunken state and sucked him until he said he was ready to fuck me. "You know the drill" he said and I knelt on the carpet with my chest on the couch. He knelt behind me and shoved a wet finger in my ass to get me slippery then shoved his cock in. It fit like a glove. He fucked me for another 20 minutes and about halfway through I came on the carpet without even being touched. He finally came in my ass and pulled out.

The whole video took about an hour. I was humiliated when she had me watch it but said that this was her insurance policy. From now on I could only fuck who she approved but she could fuck whoever she wanted. I was pissed at first but it has worked out pretty well. We have tag teamed a number of guys and girls over the last few years and our marriage is still strong. I love her to death and hope she never changes.