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When I got married my wife and I decided to be totally honest in everything. I knew that she had fucked about five guys and she knew I had fucked one girl before we met. Then one night she confessed that she wanted a big cock like Tyler, the black guy she fucked. Then she asked me if I had ever sucked another guy's cock. I had to admit to her that I did when I was in the Army. This intrigued her and she wanted details. I was totally honest and said that i enjoyed it and even let him cum in my mouth. This seemed to turn her on even more.

For the next couple of months whenever we fucked she had me relay the details over and over of the time I sucked a cock. Then one night she asked me if I had ever been ass fucked by a guy. I honestly told her no. While she was sucking my cock she started to play with my asshole. She took her mouth off of my cock and asked if I'd ever thought about being ass fucked. I said that I had thought about it and when she put her mouth back on my cock she shoved a finger up my ass. That was the first time she had done that and I loved it. Eventually it got to be two fingers and then three. One night she confessed that the best fuck she ever had came from Tyler the black stud that fucked her for seemingly hours. She said she still had his number and if I wanted she could probably talk him into fucking me. I didn't exactly what to say so I told her okay.

The next Friday night when I got home Tyler was sitting on the couch and she explained that Tyler knew all about it and he was willing to fuck me. He had me kneel in front of him on the couch and take off his pants. He wasn't wearing underwear so when I unzipped him his cock was right there. He said before he would fuck me I had to suck him hard. His was only the second cock I'd ever sucked and as I proceeded to get him hard my wife was sitting next to him with her hand on her cunt. I felt myself getting hard. I sucked him even harder until his eight inch cock ad hard as a flag pole. Then he said to turn around and bend over. I got on all fours and felt a slippery finger in my ass. He finger fucked me for a bit then replaced his finger with his cock. What a fucking feeling. My wife kept asking if I liked it. I kept telling her yes and when he finally orgasmed in my ass she squealed in delight. He pulled his cock out of my ass and told me to turn around and when I did he finished cumming on my face. To my surprise my wife licked all of his cum off of my face.

What a fucking night that was. I can't wait until next time.