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I'm a bi-sexual man who's been married for 30+ years to a woman. We've had great sex but the last few years it's been pretty stale. I sucked my first cock a bunch of years ago and wanted more. She didn't want sex so I went to my office in the basement and looked for other men. I found a couple of married guys on-line and decided to go meet them. I told my wife I was going out for a drink and would be back later. She didn't seem too disturbed as I often went to the bar on Friday nights.

Mike and Tom were a married gay couple in their 60s and Mike was pretty fat but that didn't bother me. We chatted and had a couple of beers and I was feeling pretty uninhibited. Mike was rubbing my shoulders and said he would make me cum like never before. After our beers he suggested we go to the bedroom. We walked in and both got undressed. He laid on the bed and said for me to suck his cock. I crawled on the bed and knelt between his legs and took his cock in my mouth. He had a nice cock that fit all the way in my mouth. I got him hard in just a couple of minutes. Then he said to turn over. he manovered us so my ass was near the end of the bed and crawled on me in a 69 position. He took my cock in his mouth and stuck his cock back in my mouth. About that time I felt my legs being lifted up and my ass was being licked. It was Tom licking my asshole. My wife never did that and if felt wonderful. My cock was being sucked, my nuts were being caressed and my ass was being licked. I lifted my legs up as far as I could to give him better access. My cock was hard and I was getting closer to cumming. Tom then said he was going to fuck me now and i didn't protest. He crawled on the bed and I felt his cock at my asshole. He pushed in. I felt a little stab then as I relaxed it felt better than me scratching my own ass. He started to slowly fuck me then increased the tempo and depth. Before I knew it he was slapping his nuts against my ass.

We stayed like this for the next few minutes and I couldn't hold it any longer. I said I was about to cum and filled Mike's mouth with my load. He took it all and then he filled my mouth with his. It wasn't a big load and I swallowed it without a problem. He kept sucking me and a minute later Tom said he was going to cum and filled my asshole as well.

We all rested a bit and they switched places. I couldn't cum a second time but both of them did, one in my mouth and one in my ass. We then sat around naked drinking more. I think I must have passed out after about six more beers and woke up in the bed with Tom licking my asshole again and stroking my cock. He made me cum and came inside me for the second time. When we were done Mike offered a nice breakfast of Pancakes and eggs. I ate a nice breakfast and decided to head home. I needed an excuse so I pulled into the driveway and leaned back in my seat. I feigned sleep until my wife came out to wake me up. I said I'd been here since the bar closed and she bought it. It was a great night for me and I can't wait to do it again.