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This is my 1st confession but have many, many more to follow. These are true personal stories and I am letting them out so I can finally let go of the past....I don't remember losing my virginity....I do remember the first time I had a dick in my mouth. I was 6 years old. My mother was a stripper and she worked nights. My mother would take me to a babysitters house and then pick me up VERY early. My babysitter was a friend of hers who also had 2 sons of her own. Their ages were 11&12. One night I can remember crawling over to the 12yr old and quietly pulled his blankets and then pj pants down. Slowly and softly I put him in my mouth. It didn't take long for his 12 year old dick to get hard. When that happened I just couldn't get enough. The smell of his skin....the feeling of his head rubbing on my young lips. I started rubbing his dick all over my face until I popped him in my mouth and going faster. I could hear him moan and didn't care if he woke up while I was getting my fill. In no time I felt him shooting something in my mouth and my only reaction was to swallow. Infact at the time I thought he peed in my mouth. After I was done I pulled his pants and blanket up and crawled back into my bed. After doing this I couldn't stop wanting to feel more. This began my love of feeling a man smacking me in the face with their dicks. My mother soon met my step father and no longer needed to strip. This meant no more babysitter, but that just meant weekends at an aunts house when my parents wanted “private" time.......and that will begin my next confession....see you soon!