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I'm a 49 yr old man and I have a serious scat fetish,especially for my sister.

She's 18 months younger than me and used to work for a well known high street bank.

I've wanted to fuck her since I was about 15,at one point,when I was 18 I got my hands on some strong tranquilizers and was ready to knock her out.I waited for her to come home after a meal with her work friends and put the pills in her drink but she didn't drink it,and said it tasted off,

I had a video camera hidden and ready to go and was going to repeatedly rape her on tape!

Later on in our relationship (I was in my mid twenties) I became more and more obsessed with her shit and would regularly listen to her on the toilet and go into the bathroom straight after her and enjoy the smell,she would even joke with me about how brave I was for going in there!I think at this point she knew that I had a bit of a strange thing for her because she'd caught me doing some dodgy stuff over the years (taking her dirty knickers,tights and even high heels out of her room or laundry basket) she would tell me off but always with a smirk (I think she actually enjoyed the power she had over me).

Eventually I sussed out that if I put a stocking over the u bend where it came out of the back of the toilet and refitted the soil pipe (something that, with a bit of practice I could manage in a couple of minutes) I could collect my sisters turds.

I tried it the first time and it worked perfectly,she dropped 4 big heavy logs and I retreived them and ate them completely,seriously,I chewed and swallowed every last piece,especially enjoying any chunks of recognisable undigested food.

I have repeated this on several occasions since and even to this day,although we both live in our own homes,I still use the same trick on my toilet when she pops round and she regularly takes a dump,I'm pretty sure she knows what I'm up to as we've had some pretty weird conversations over the years about shitting,and she nearly always tells me she's popping round and asks if I have toilet paper because she's "touching cloth","holding in a load" as if to give me time to prepare! Anyway,I must have eaten 30-40 pounds of her turds over the years and I don't plan on stopping any time soon,I know its sick and perverted but I'm addicted!