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This is part 2 of my story after learning under hypnosis to find out why I was having dreams of being fucked by dogs. I gave quite a show for my husband after he pressured me about letting a dog fuck me. Be careful what you wish for. I was addicted like a drug addict, I couldn't get enough dog cock and cum. The 5 guys showed up each with their own dogs. Two of them had 2 dogs each, making the total 8 stud dogs. There would be no rest for me that night. Most were shepherds with a couple dobermans. As the entertainment started one of the guys asked, "is she really okay with this?". Don mocked me telling them "she loves it, she loves being the bitch to a good stud cock, just ask her". Repeating to me, "you love being the bitch slut don't you darling?" I moaned Ugh Huh, let them take me.

As each stud mounted me I was moaning with lusty horny ecstasy, repeating things like, "fuck me boy, fuck me hard, I'm a slut for your big dick, don't stop, please don't stop". I was made to feel like I didn't deserve to be satisfied screaming "I'm a bad girl, fuck me fuck me, I'll be good, I promise I'll be good, fill me with cum". With the doggy train going on Don told his buddies, "wait until you see her suck off dog cock like a starving baby on a nipple, it's amazing." Then Don told the guys to turn me over, my arms still restrained over my head as they had me on my back the stretched my knees wide while dog cum leaked from my pussy running down my crack coating my ass the positioned one of the dogs straddle my face with his cock just touching my lips I was able to draw the cock into my mouth giving the cock a big blowjob, and yes I suckled the throbbing shaft to pull his sperm from his swollen balls, swallowing over and over, it seemed like the dog would never quit shooting his jet into my mouth and down my throat. Just as I finished sucking the stud the guys started shooting their own cream across my stomach and breasts. I don't know how many times I was fucked that night because there was only one of me and with 8 dogs, sometimes like in rotation the earliest dogs recovered and took up interest in fucking again. Don was getting his fantasy satisfaction while I received my own lusty fantasy satisfaction. Don was the enabler to my new addiction.

Once a week we entertained the poker party, without cards, the dogs took turns, all winners. Every day not getting banged by the pack of dogs I still had my Fritz and we used each other several times a day. I always saved one session for the evening so Don could participate in our new found kinky sex, sometimes inviting his friend Troy to bring his dog for some relief of sexual tension.

Don started searching for private sex clubs, like swingers did with other couples, but he wanted to join a private club for K9 sex. Two months after becoming my dogs slut bitch Don located a K9 sex club. It was a Saturday, Don told me to get dressed but no underwear, just a sheath dress draping my body. The drive was about 45 minutes we arrived at a farm/ranch in the country. There was a barn where we parked outside, Don kept telling me "this is for you darling, you are going to be the best bitch fuck ever, you'll thank me for this". We entered the barn that was filled with maybe 25 men and a dozen women sitting around a circle in the middle of the big room. Two women approached me telling me to undress so I took off my dress and they took me by each arm leading me to a padded platform where they had me lay face down while they placed cuffs on my wrists and ankles securing me in place. A strap was attached around my forehead and my head was forced back so I was looking eye to eye with the audience. Each dog was announced to the crowd then led over to my vulnerable body completely open and exposed for the mating game. The audience cheered and began to chant "fuck fuck fuck fuck" over and over as my pussy accepted the ready dog cock. Turning my head from side to side I watched the men jacking off their own shafts slow and steady until the dog was like a jack hammer the men kept pace by speeding up their strokes. I fell into my lusty trance begging the stud to " fuck me, fuck me hard, faster, deeper, fill my cunt, I want your cum, make me cum, yes I am cumming". As each stud dismounted from my leaking cunt the stud was escorted to my head that had been pulled back so I could take the dogs cocks into my groaning and panting lips to clean the dripping hot juice leaking from the swollen angry looking dicks. As the next stud thrust inside my cunt my mouth suckled the remnants of their offering from them. Some of the studs would begin hunching in and out of my mouth like they were fucking my face and suddenly they would release a second round of hot cum filling my throat to swallow. My cunt being satiated while my craving for the flavor of dog sperm satisfied my throat. I was in dog cock heaven.

I managed at least 30 dog cocks at the club event. I was released from the special breeding table as one of the attendants asked me if I felt good. "Yes of course I feel wonderful, I wish I could have puppies". She handed me a large beer stein to drink a creamy mass as a reward. It was the dog sperm that had been collected as my cunt leaked their spunk in a steady stream, each one adding to the formula. After I downed the dog sperm I was handed another stein with more creamy mass the attendant said "this is a tribute salute from our audience, bottoms up and enjoy". The men in the audience had collected their cum shots in specimen cups that was combined at the end of the show. "Thank you" and I drank the entire contents.

I put on my dress and said nothing as we left the arena, I walked steadily as cum leaked from my cunt and ran down my legs.

The ride home was casual talk along with some music from the radio. Don asked, "aren't you glad I found a good exclusive club both of us can enjoy?" I told him, "yes darling, it was wonderful, when can we go back?".

Dons demeanor changed, he got what he wanted, a sex slave that happens to be a dog bitch cunt for his enjoyment. He demanded "I am not your darling, I am your master and you are my dog bitch cunt slave. You will perform whenever I want you to without question. You have already proven how much you love being used for sexual satisfaction. You must never say No to me do you understand". I looked at him with tears in my eyes and said "but I am your wife". He retorted, "you are not a wife, you are a slut and I will treat you like the slut you are. A good dog is better than a slut wife. By the way, you put on an award winning performance, you will love the movie."

A week later the movie showed up. Don set up the projector and screen for us to watch together. Before the movie started I was getting more anxious with a horny lust feeling myself oozing my own cum from my pussy. By the time the third stud finished mating the bitch in the film I couldn't control my pelvis, I was moaning and thrusting myself over my own fingers giving myself orgasm after orgasm. I was licking my lips as I watched the bitch sucking dog cock and savoring the creamy cum they provided and started licking and sucking on my cum coated fingers. I was finally able to see the audience and their reactions of that day. The women in the audience were performing on each other and included some of the women sucking on the cocks of the men in the audience. It was a real orgy happening that day. I became so horny watching the movie I wanted to fuck something and suck on some cock, but I was denied that pleasure at the time even though I was begging Don, "please, I need relief". Don said, "No bitch, remember you are my sex slave and you will be rewarded after the movie". During the movie I could see myself like an insatiable animal starving and begging to be punished proclaiming several times "I'm a slutty bitch, hurt me, fuck me harder, fuck me faster, don't stop, please make me cum, take this bitch". I heard the audience chanting "fuck fuck fuck, suck suck suck, fuck her boy, fuck her hard" sometimes I would hear laughter as if they were mocking me while I begged for more. When the movie ended Don called his friend Troy telling him to come over and bring his dogs.

Troy had another male and one female. Troy showed up and my bitch party started for real. First Fritz and I went into our mating performance then one of Troys' cocks smothered my cunt filling my pussy with sperm. Then Don gave me a new surprise. The female dog was in true bitch heat. Don positioned me at the rear of the female and ordered me to lick the bitch pussy. I never imagined such a thing and reluctantly I put my lips on the female and kissed it at first, with Don demanding "get your tongue into it, tongue that bitch cunt, give it a tongue fucking, you want to make her happy". Oh jeezus this dog was menstuating and dripping blood with its cunt swollen it began to open up for my tongue. I found myself sliding my tongue in and out then sucking the oozing juice from the female dog as she would whimper like dogs do when crying ... or was that me whimpering and moaning in lust. After about 5 minutes Don stopped me and he and Troy let his other male stud mount his bitch hoping to make puppies. After the stud dismounted from the bitch Don ordered me to clean the cock. He was saying "suck that bloody cock, hurry and clean it off". The female had gone to the corner to rest her abused pussy, then Troy ordered the female back to attention making her stand in front of me. Don pushed my face into the pussy of the female with her dripping and leaking dog cum and blood mixed together. "Get that tongue in there and clean her out, suck her and make it good". I must have sucked and tongued the heated bitch for 15 minutes. It wasn't bad, I was only happy to be eating the stud sperm as I always had.

It wasn't long after that Troy announced his bitch dog was pregnant. We were all excited awaiting her to drop her new litter. Maybe Don and I would adopt a male from her. After a few weeks her teats began to swell getting ready to have her puppies suckle her milk. One of the visits from Troy he brought the pregnant female and I began to be fascinated with her swollen teats. Troy told me to suckle from his bitch to help her bring on the production of milk. The bitch was very calm allowing me to massage and suck her nipples, I on the other hand became aroused by sucking the female dog teats. I wanted to taste her milk, in my lusty world I grunted, moaned, and twisted and tugged on my own nipples sending myself into another kind of orgasm. I was out of control, I ripped my clothes off, got on my knees and elbows and hovered over the pregnant one going from one nipple to another and another Fritz shoved his cock inside my welcoming cunt while I tortured my own nipples until they were bruised. That night I told Don I wanted my nipples to get large and hard so they would stay pointed all the time. Would sucking them make them do that? Don was excited by the idea so we decided while sleeping he would have one of my nipples in his mouth at all times. After reclining in the bed Don would suck my nipples as hard and long as possible while pulling and twisting the other nipple trying to stretch them. The mornings brought more nipple manipulation. Don sucked one nipple getting it to extend from my body, then wrapped rubber bands around the base of the nipple, thumping them to be sure they wouldn't release from the bands. Then attached clothes pens to the protruding nipples telling me not to remove them all day, I would have to walk around topless for the day. As I moved around the house the pressure on my nipples aroused my perverted lust again. I would be happy for evening when Don would suck my nipples and allow fresh air to cool my numbness.

A few weeks of constant manipulation, twisting, pulling and sucking on my nipples they really did start to grow, sticking out three quarter inches from the aereola they resembled bullets.

What happened to me? I was addicted to this new life style and Don was my enabler. Was I addicted, or had I become a nymphomaniac? The dogs were my drug and I would do anything to get more. I complied and that was that. Dammit, this was not what I planned at all. I came to terms with the condition, there was no point in fighting it, I was getting my fix to this addiction and Don was getting what he wanted.

---- to be continued ---