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Part 3 of my story how exploring with hypnosis I needed to know why I was dreaming of being fucked by dogs. I evolved to being a sex slave to being totally addicted to dog cock and cum. These are my true confessions. Don't judge me.

Every week on schedule the K9 gangbang with Dons poker buddies. And every day I had my Fritz to help keep my lust from going into withdrawal. Spring and Summer had come and gone, then it was time to start working at the hunting lease. Don and one of his co-workers were partners with other hunters on a hunting lease, used mostly for deer hunting with some occassional bird hunts. Don left me at home for the first group meeting of the season to work on the cabins and deer stands. The next weekend he took me with him to the lease. I cleaned and washed things and helped with preparing meals that first day I was there. That evening the guys built a campfire and settled in their chairs near the fire. One of the men piped up "Jan that was a nice show you put on fucking dogs. We watched your porn last week, that is too cool".

Don stood up and announced, "now for your red neck entertainment I present, my bitch".

Don ordered me to assume my position to allow Fritz have his go at me, then he told the group "if you like it you can let your dogs fuck the slut bitch as long as the dogs last". I didn't disappoint, I fucked the dogs without hesitation, begging the studs to fuck me and knot me and make me cum over and over. Those weekends became a regular staple for this perverted entertainment. Don would take me to the hunting lease during hunting season while not having scheduled poker game night with his buddies at home. They would bring their dogs to the lease and we would sometimes have all night gang bang sessions with their dogs. There were 10 men on the lease, but sometimes they would bring guests for the weekend of their fun. I was the submissive sex slave slut and obeyed the demands my lust and Don desired. More men and more dogs using my body, or was I using them? I was addicted and they provided the avenue to fulfill my sexual needs.

One night at the lease all the guys and their dogs were gathered in a circle with a campfire close by. Enjoying the K9 gang bang an unexpected visitor walked up to the camp from the gate of the property. I was involved with getting bitch fucked when a voice said "creative entertainment boys". It was a state trooper that patrolled that part of the county. I wasn't stopping and the trooper asked "you okay ma'am?" I looked at him and said "better than okay, I'm a good bitch". I guess he was surprised seeing the event, but in his laid back demeanor he didn't act shocked or surprised. I thought he might arrest someone but Don talked to officer Ken telling him, "you heard her, she is okay, nobody is forcing her and nobody is forcing the dogs, it's just animal nature". Before leaving the camp officer Ken handed Don a handful of business cards with his personal contact information, telling him "if anyone tries to mess up your entertainment let me know and I'll take care of them". They talked a while and later I found out the officer had another contact that might enjoy having us join them too. I fucked and sucked 15 dogs that night, some of them more than once. It didn't matter to me, I was getting what I craved.

Another trip to the lease for a dogs bitch show, officer Ken came for a visit and talked to the guys about bringing some prospective interested people to the party to introduce themselves. They agreed and told him "by all means, tell them to bring their dogs, the more the merrier". We already had 20 guys attending and Ken showed up with 10 more men including 15 dogs. I fucked and or sucked 35 dogs that night. Some of the dogs missed my target pussy and pounded my asshole. Those men weren't interested in fucking my pussy, but they wanted blowjobs instead. The ones that didn't have me suck them off collected their cum shots in cups for my consumption at the end of the nights entertainment. Did I mention I am addicted to cum in my mouth and down my throat, I fucking love it ... man or dog.

Officer Ken asked Don at some point if he thought I would like donkey dick. The response was "we'll find out", with big laughs. The next day we made a drive to Kens property. Escorted to the donkey pens I became aroused thinking about taking something bigger than I had in the past. I removed my pants and got in the pen with one of the donkeys and talked to him and rubbing him with my hands. Reaching under him finding nice surprise, he started getting firm and his penis emerged from the sheath. I got excited and dropped to my knees putting his tip in my mouth starting to suckle like a hungry baby. I stopped to get my breath and told Ken to bring something to catch any cum I missed. With the donkey on hard I wrapped my arms around his body and threw my legs around his hips. I shouted for someone to put it in my pussy "I'm going to fuck this donkey". I was rocking my body back and forth in a frenzy on my willing subject. That accomplished the men stood back and watched amazed with their mouths hanging open. While I wasn't able to suck off the donkey his sperm was caught in the jug provided by Ken. I got myself out of the pen and asked for the jug of cum, when handed to me I said "CHEERS, breakfast of champions", then chugged the entire contents down. Did I mention, I am addicted to cum?

I could hear the men saying over and over "wow, oh my gawd, gawd daa'um". That was a complement for me.

Well that was fun.

Officer Ken confided in us he had his own private club at his ranch wanting to know if we were interested in performing for his group. Oh yes, that would be great. In fact Ken said we would be paid for services rendered because the members in his group enjoyed the type of quality show I could provide to relieve their sexual tension. All decrete of course because the members included police officers, lawyers, and a few judges. We told Ken to let us know when so we could make arrangements for travel. How about Saturday 2 weeks away.

Sounded good to us.

Ken had a place set up similar to our other K9 sex club with a nice padded platform for me and audience benches all around the arena. We would start at 10 a.m. and would go until the dogs were spent or 6 p.m. when the ranch would close down.

I was surprised there were only 10 men accompanied by some girlfriends or sexual partners, but then I found out Ken had his own kennel adding 20 dogs to the 20 dogs the members had brought for breeding with this human bitch slut. Okay, lets get started. Before lowering my body onto the platform Ken attached nip clips on my nipples adding ball bearings attached with gold chains to the nip clips just to make my titties hang heavy and stretched with the weights. My breasts placed comfortably into the cut out for my tits to hang down, I found the balls weight bounced up and down stimulating my nipple induced orgasms. I never felt sexier in my life.

We proceded in 2 hour shifts letting me break 10 minutes for a drink. I chose tequila shots for my breaks, The tequila gave me a buzz and made me tingle all over. Those guys were high rollers, they were making side bets with each other. Bet on how long each dog would last before giving up his cum, bet on whether the dog would knot and tie my pussy, bets on how long I would last with the doggy freight train experience. I made it through all 40 dogs, some rotated to come back for seconds. I was really proud of my performance. When Ken shut the show down at 6 p.m. I was presented with the steins of dog sperm to drink and my tequila chaser. The members were real gentlemen, they each put $50 bills in an envelope for me as a tip. We made $1500 in just one day.

I could see the wheels in Dons head spinning how we could make this a money making system.

- to be continued -