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I'm glad I found this site because I am ready to confess my secret I haven't told anyone about what happened 45 years ago. I have been reclusive most of my adult life. I am a voyoure, that is how I get aroused and achieve my sexual satisfaction.

The windows on one side of my house has one way mirrored glass, so I can see out but nobody can see in.

When a young couple moved in next door I made friends mostly with the guy. We used to exchange pleasant conversations and I would change the subject subtly about how hot his wife looked, especially when she would be gardening bending over and working in their flower beds or when she would wash their cars. She would get sweaty and wet from the garden hose that seemed to turn into that wet t-shirt look men are crazy for. When he asked me how I saw such things because our houses faced the same toward the street and she was always working on the side of the house where the driveway and carport were located. I pointed to my house letting him know about my view from my one way glass. His house has a wall of glass that faces my side of the house so I can see straight into his living room. I am sure he figured out how I would be turned on watching his wife while she didn't realize the show she put on for me to get my rocks off. I would watch her parade and dance through their living room in various states of half dressed or completely naked.

The best shows of my life were about to come true.

One evening as his wife came from a shower with a towel wrapped around her body her husband approached her and started kissing her down her body while he pulled her towel away. In their process of arousal he laid her over a big ottoman that supported her body with her legs spread wide off one end. I am sure he knew I was watching from next door. My cock was getting harder and harder as the minutes ticked away. I watched and stroked my shaft slowly at first as he put his face into her crotch and started licking, sucking, and fingering her pussy. He would come up for air now and then, I saw his face covered with her cum. He was licking his lips and fondling her tits and put his fingers in her mouth to suck her love potion from his fingers. She was tugging and pulling at her nipples, she looked like she was in euphoric ecstacy. His cock was rock hard as he started fucking her hard like a piston. Then he moved to just over her face and shoved his shaft into her mouth for her to suck him and taste her own cum that coated his cock. I felt like I was having an out of body experience. He went from her pussy to her mouth several times and finally he stood over her straddled over her started jacking his cock until he shot his cum onto her stomach and tits. I shot my load almost immediately into the palm of my free hand and for the first time I put my cum filled hand to my mouth and swallowed my own cum. I was spent but the show wasn't quite over. After he flooded her body with his cum he went back to her mouth with his cock to let her finish sucking the remnants of semen from his wilting cock. That was only the beginning of many shows they would put on, if felt personal because he knew I was watching and enjoying while he shared their sexual adventures.

I kept more vigilant watch into their living room. The wife would get naked just before the husband came home from work, lay down on their coffee table exposing herself so her husband was greeted with hr naked body as he came home. The performed hundreds of 69 positions for me to watch and enjoy.

I watched her many times masturbating herself and fucking a dildo for hours on end. I have seen her use hot dogs or smoked sausages pushing them in and out of her pussy while she used a vibrator on her clit, then she would suck her own cum off of the hot dogs. She turned into a true slut. One day I watched as someone I had never seen before sneak in their back door then she greeting him kissing him like a lover, she stripped out of her clothes and the man taking his huge cock out of his pants he pounded her pussy like a bitch. That was the only time I saw the stranger at their house.

Imagine my surprise one evening they had a bunch of guys over to play dominos and after they stopped playing the wife got naked and proceded to suck off the 5 guests while the husband had his face planted in her pussy sucking her and finger fucking her from one orgasm after another. They filled her mouth with cum that she willingly swallowed as if she was starving. Another time with their friends over for their sex show, while the guys stood around her masturbating over her she was laying on the coffee table while her husband used a peeled banana to fuck her pussy, then he ate the cum coated banana as it would emerge from her pussy.

I enjoyed the free shows for the next 5 years until they sold the house and moved away. I have missed them ever since. All I can do is remember the visions in my head while I jerk off my cock. I wish I had movies of their fun.