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Our daughter has always slept in our bed at night just about every night, it started when she was 4yrs old, and it lasted until she was in her late teens.

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The next morning she comes up to me on the sofa and points to my dick saying "daddy that tastes good. After making sure she can't ever tell her mom, I asked if she wanted more, which of course she said yes, and I stood up pulling out my cock, then started jacking off. She's watching me, well having my 4yr old daughter standing in front of me waiting for my cum, it didn't take long, and I told her to open her mouth. I fucking filled her mouth with cum three times before my cock was drained. That day I jacked off in her mouth four or five times that day and another time in bed after her mother was a sleep.

After that first day, she'd come to me every day asking me to cum in her mouth, and I'd feed her daddy's seed.

When she was 6yrs old I started fingering her as I jacked off, when she was 7yrs old I started trying to force my cock in her little preteen hairless pussy, and it was about six months or so before I could get my cock inside her tight little cunt. The first time I blew my load in her she got very upset that I didn't cum in her mouth, so by time she was 8yrs old I'd fuck her little preteen pussy,then pull out to let her drink my cum.

I fucked her and cum in her mouth until she was around 17.