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It was Sunday, the games were done and I was drunk. I knew I had to go to work the next day but I didn't give a fuck. I found a guy on-line who said he was looking for sex. I asked him if he wanted to fuck me. He said yes. I told my wife I was going for smokes and maybe hit the bar. I got to his house about 15 minutes later. I walked in and he asked what I was into. I said I just wanted to get fucked. I jerked off earlier so I didn't need to cum but did want something in my ass.

He said that I had to make him hard first and when he dropped his pants I saw a nice 7 inch cock staring at me. I dropped to my knees and took his cock in my mouth. It was already as long as it was going to get but I got it a bit harder. When he was rock hard I knew it was going to feel great. I stripped and said for him to fuck me. He lubed me up and in one motion shoved his cock in my ass. It opened me up nicely. I had many thing s up my ass before so this wasn't anything extraordinary. He slowly started to fuck me. After a couple of minutes I told him to do it like he meant it and he fucked me like I was his whore. He lasted about 15 minutes and said he was gonna cum. I wanted him to cum in my ass but he pulled out and spun me around. He hit my face with the first shot then stuck his cock in my mouth to finish. I took all that he had to give me. He finally pulled out, clean as a baby's cock.

I've been with him many times now and every time it has been great. I don't consider us lovers but whenever I think I need a cock in my ass I call him and he is always willing to fuck me. Too bad my wife doesn't feel the same way.