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I am not sure this is a sin, but it seems to be unacceptable in what is social behavior. If it were acceptable it wouldn't bother me to discuss openly but for now I hide my preference from people outside my immediate family circle. I have been an adult bed wetter. I enjoy the feeling of warm liquid surrounding me in my sleep. I can control my wetting, I simply choose to wet myself at night while warm in my bed. I convinced a friend to shave me so my privates are hairless like they were before puberty. On a visit to my brothers house for holiday I knew I wouldn't be allowed to wet the bed at their house so I bought adult diapers to protect their bedding and mattress. I loved that feeling even more getting up in the morning surrounded with warm wetness. I liked it so much I started drinking a lot of water before bedtime. I drink 32 ounces before going to bed. I wake up when I need to relieve myself and start to allow myself to slowly leak my piss into my diaper, sometimes taking as much as 10 minutes to finish, then I get up and drink another 32 ounces of water leaving my wet diaper on. In the morning when I wake up I let myself piss my already wet diaper until it is full and heavy with my warm piss. I wear my piss filled diaper until most of the warmness is gone, then I shower and put on a new dry diaper. It always makes me anxious to be dry until the next time I have to relieve myself during the day. I want to be a toddler again and wish I could suck on a nipple as I sleep, so I started making myself suck my thumb when I sleep.