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I'm in my mid 40s, ex-wife is in the military, and stationed overseas, we got married at 20. She was stateside about as long as it took to have our daughter, which my daughter is not even mine, and therefore the EX-wife. Right out of the gate the ex wanted nothing to do with her kid, so I adapted her when the wife and I split. I took care of my daughter since she was born just about and I lead a normal life. I worked second shift and my neighbor's 16 teen girl watched my daughter when I was at work.

It started when my daughter was around 18 months, the babysitter's parents were arguing a lot and she just needed a place to crash for a few days. That night when I was taking a shower, I shut off the water, open the shower door to dry off, and she pops in saying she has to pee real bad, quickly yanking her shorts with her panties down to the floor. I'm standing there in awwwww, my eyes glued to her shaved pussy, and she then spreads her legs wide open, turning toward me a little. I look up at her and she had a very sexy grin on her face saying; "do you like watching girls pee"? My mind went totally blank and I'm not sure I even answered her, more or less make a sound. Then I hear a very light splashing sound, I look back at her pussy, her labia has now opened a little, and a very light golden stream of pee was squirting from her opening.

She then leaned over toward me a little and pulled the towel from my hands reviling my mostly hard 7" thick cock. I stepped out of the shower, she took a hold of my cock, and started sucking me like she's been sucking cock all her life. I was about to blow, so I pulled it out of her mouth making a popping sound making her LOL. I reached down taking a hold of the back of her knees, she put her arms around my neck, and I picked her up, then set her on the countertop. I knelt down getting between her legs, I could smell the faintest smell of pee as my tongue slowly met her soft bald pussy.

After I fucked her that night, we fucked all the time, and she was not shy about riding my cock in front of my daughter. It was about a month or so later, the three of us was on the sofa, my daughter was laying with her head in my lap, and the babysitter laid her head next to my daughter's, then she started sucking on my cock through my sleep pants. She then reached into my pants pulling out my cock, she then quickly started sucking on it, and my daughter looked up at me smiling. Then she said; "it's good, want some", pointing the head of my cock toward my daughter's mouth, and my daughter opened her mouth. She said to her; "come on sweetie, suck your daddy's cock" as I watched my daughter take the tip of my cock in her mouth, feeling the warmth of her mouth on my cock about made me cum right then. The babysitter then said; "that's it sweetie suck your daddy's cock, I want you to taste your daddy's cum" and she started jacking my cock off as my 18mo. old daughter was sucking on the tip. I said; "I'm going to cum", she says; "that's it, cum in your baby's mouth", she then whispers in my ear; "I want to watch you slow fuck her tight little pussy", and I started to cum. I looked down to watch my little baby girl drink my cum down like an absolute cum slut.

After I finished unloading my seed into my daughter's mouth she's still sucking on the head and the babysitter says; "see sweetie, wasen't that good"? My daughter takes her mouth off my cock looking at her shook her head yes and looked at me with a big smile on her face. The babysitter sits up, looks deep into my eyes and says; "that was the fucking hottest thing I've ever seen", she pauses and says; "YET, because I want to lick your cum off her little hairless slit", I said; "that's not what you said a second ago", and then she replies; "yeah, I think that would be so hot, watching you push your cock inside your daughter's little pussy". I said; "it's to big to fit that little pussy" and she said; "I'll bet you can get your cock in her, I can get my two fingers in her".

I asked; "have you been playing with her" and she looked down then replied; "yes, a little, I wanted to get her ready for you". She then said; "she likes when we play", looking down at my daughter she reaches out putting her hand on my daughter's pussy saying; "you like when I play with your pussy, huh sweetie", and my daughter puts her hands on the back of the babysitter's hand, pushing it into her crotch, shaking her head yes.

On my daughter's 2nd birthday the babysitter told my daughter she was a big girl now and that day was the first time my daughter took her daddy's cock inside her little pussy. I laid on the bed, my daughter squatted over my cock, and the babysitter guided my cock into my daughter's pussy. I was shocked to see my 2yo old daughter could take almost half my cock inside her and I started to cum in her within minutes. The second time I fucked my daughter, the babysitter told her that daddy needed to stretch her little pussy out a little so my cock will fit better and that was the first time I actually fucked my daughter.

I got the babysitter pregnant when she was 17, she had our son, and I would catch her fingering his ass as she was sucking his little baby dick, while she was fingering herself. She got pregnant again when she was 19 and had our daughter. My daughter was around 5yrs old at the time and was a complete natural at sex, my daughter at 5 loved to take cock in her pussy, and this is around the time when my daughter asked if she could let other guys have sex with her. That's when I introduced her to anal sex, after I taught her how to take cock up her ass, I told her daddy is the only one who can cum in her pussy, all other men have to cum in her ass or mouth. By time my little daughter was 6yrs old she was a total cum slut and I was shocked just how many men she could lure them into fucking her.

I got my daughter pregnant 14, my wife (the babysitter) and I now have 6 kids, 4 girls and 2 boys.