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When I was 14 my 17 year old sister and her boyfriend caught me jerking off. I didn't think anybody was home and was at my laptop in my bedroom stroking one out when they walked in my room. She started laughing and got my attention. His name was Dave but everyone called him Ronny. Middle name I guess. anyway I was totally freaked out and tried to cover up. My sister, Lynn told me to sit the fuck back down. I looked over and Ronny was squeezing his cock through his pants. Then I noticed Lynn had her phone pointed toward me and was filming it. I begged her to put it away. She said she would in one condition. That condition was that I suck Ronny's cock. I refused and she said she was uploading it right now unless I agreed. I thought "Fuck" and said okay.

Ronny stood in front of me and told me to pull his pants down. I undid his belt, undid the button and zipped his pants down. To my surprise he wasn't wearing any underwear. He was 20 years old and when his cock popped out I saw that it was huge compared to my five inches. Ht was about half hard when he stepped forward a little and pointed it toward my mouth. As soon as I got close and opened my mouth a little he shoved it in nearly to my throat. Then he had a handful of my hair and was guiding me up and down on his growing cock. When it was hard it was at least seven inches long and much thicker than mine. I sucked him for about five minutes and he grabbed a second handful of hair and held me on his cock while he filled my mouth with cum. To my amazement I loved the taste and swallowed nearly all of it. I thought we were done but he kept mouth fucking me until he was hard. Then he told me to get on the floor and turn around on my hands and knees. I didn't know what he had in mind but quickly found out when his slippery hard cock pushed into my asshole. He shoved it in quickly and I felt it pop past my sphincter. It was painful and I felt myself starting to weep from the pain.

Lynn told me not to be such a fucking little sissy cunt and take it like the whore I was. I felt helpless as he fucked me for the next 15 minutes. Finally he grabbed my hips and pulled me back onto him until his nuts slapped against mine. I felt him cum in my ass and a minute later he finally pulled out. I noticed that at some point during his fucking I came on the floor. I had to admit that I liked everything he did to me.

The next day I got a msg from Lynn with the entire event on video. She said I was now her bitch and would suck her boyfriend's cock whenever she wanted me to. It was usually when she was on her period and I have been fucked by not only Ronny but her next two boyfriends as well. Tom was extremely well hung, shoving all 8 inches of his monster in my ass. He got to like my ass and mouth much more than Lynn and after they broke up he became my boyfriend. I finally graduated and moved in with him. I get fucked nearly every night and know that as long as I suck his cock and let him fuck me we'll be together. What started as a humiliating experience has turned into a great lifestyle and I'm glad it happened this way...