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I have never allowed myself to stop lactating. The more I am milked the more milk I produce. My husband loves to suck my milk and will latch as long as possible. I get sexually aroused when he suckles giving me hours of orgasms.

My baby is no longer a baby, he is 11 years old and still sucks my milk from my teats. When my son comes home from school I always let him have a snack like a couple of cookies, after eating his snack he will suckle from my breast milk for a half hour. After the evening meal, both my husband and son receive my milk from the source simultaneously. It feels amazing to see my two guys latched at the same time.

My nipples look like bullets from a Colt 45. Friends have commented about the appearance of my nipples visibly pointed with length but I have only told them they never changed after weaning our son. That is a lie, he isn't dependent but not weaned either. Our son always says "good mommy" after suckling but he calls me "mom" usually at other times. His friends eyes stare at my breasts until my son gets their attention, then his friends smile slyly as if they got away with something dirty. I will let my son latch as long as he wants into future years. I will be sad when I have to give him up to a future partner. Maybe his partner will want to share mothers milk too. I hope.