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I can definitely say that my aunt is a milf. She's 43, has one kid, she's quite tall, she has a pear shaped body. Her boobs are not that big, but her ass is just... amazing. It's round, fat and very juicy. I began thinking about my aunt in a sexual when I was 16. She lives a couple of houses further than me, and so I can go to her home when I want. One time I went to her house and she was alone (since my uncle is at work most of the time) and she was looking for something. She bent over so many times exposing her ass that my penis was ready to explode. Another time I "accidentally" bumped into her touching her ass. It was so soft. I said sorry and she gave me a smile and continued what she was doing. One year ago they went on holiday and they said that if I want I can use their tv or their house to relax if I want to. Of course I said yes. Another day passed and they left. I immediately started searching the house for her panties and bras and stuff. At one point I found it. The "magic" drawer that had her panties. It was so hot seeing her panties in my hand. She had this really sexy pair of thongs. They were black and so small. I instantly got hard thinking about her wearing those. In another place I found a bra that she wore before she left because I knew how her perfume smelled. I started licking them and after a couple of seconds I came so hard on her floor. I'm crazy about her. I have so many fetishes. I want to lick her armpit, lick her ears and bite them. I want to eat her pussy and lick her asshole. I want to mouth fuck her and I want her to suck my dick. I also want to fuck her in every room of her house in different positions.