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It all started when we were 12 years old. My best friend and I were always horny as hell and we told each other things we would do in private and one day after school we cut thru the woods on the way home and for the very first time ever we took turns sucking on each others dicks and it felt really good to be sucked and not bad at all to do the sucking.

we must have been pretty damn curious because we came in each others mouths not once but two times that first day. We spit it out that day but the next day in the same private spot in the woods we both swallowed each others cum and it really felt good sucking and getting sucked and we both enjoyed getting off in each others mouth so we swallowed every time almost every day for weeks.

One Saturday morning while my Parents were at work we were back in my room about to suck each other off and I just had to tell him that I liked to finger my asshole and it felt damn good with a little Vaseline. He enjoyed listening and we were both very hard stroking each other and I asked him if he wanted to stick his dick in my asshole. He couldn't wait and with the help of some Vaseline he put his dick in my ass then he fucked me and when he asked me I told him to cum in my ass. Damn it felt so good I almost begged him to do it again and he did. He lasted much longer and we talked to each other some and he fucked me good face down on my bed and he really came a lot the second time.

He didn't want me to fuck him but I made sure to let him know he could fuck me again when ever he wanted. We spent all day long naked around the house and he fucked me quite a few times and came in my ass every time. For weeks almost every day we fucked like crazy and I had his cum in my ass almost every day. I really enjoyed getting fucked outdoors in the woods or any where else he wanted to fuck me and we tried every position we could dream of.

we learned how to 69 quickly and he really liked fucking my ass so I made sure he could fuck me any time he wanted to. One Saturday night we got brave and decided that our best friend might like to hear about what we had been doing and we slowly began to tell him what we had been doing and he didn't mind hearing about it at all and not long after we had been talking about it he dared us to do it while he watched. No one was home so we got naked in my room and had no trouble at all fucking in front of our best friend and it wasn't long at all before he had his dick out stroking it tell me he wanted to try it. As soon as he came in my ass and pulled out he got behind me and shoved his dick which was a lot thicker and a little longer up my ass really hard and he fucked the hell out of me but not for long before he shot a lot of cum up my ass and for several hours that day both of them took turns fucking me and it was great and before we had to stop before Mom got home one was in my ass behind me with the other one on his knees in front of me and they fucked me at both ends and one came in my ass about the time I was swallowing the cum from the one in front of me and that was the first but no where near the last time we did that and it became my favorite way to get both of them off and We did it almost every day. For several years the 3 of us had a lot of sex and I liked being fucked for hours and the feel of them pumping my asshole full of hot cum and before we were out of high school we learned how they could DP my ass and I could take both dicks in my asshole and really enjoyed both of them getting off in my ass together.

We tried about everything and I let them tie me up and fuck me and they both liked sticking things up my ass and took turns fucking me with a lot of different things and I really got off letting them use me any way they liked. We always talked about finding other boys to gang fuck me but it never happened. It was great getting fucked by both my closest friends but I always wondered what it would be like to let 10 or 12 maybe more guys fuck me for hours and to have 2 or 3 of them have really huge dicks that would cum a lot deep in my horny young asshole. Later on in life I found out what it was like to take a really huge cock p my ass when I started playing with all sorts of sex toys and I always enjoyed a big fat very long fat fake dick all the way up my ass.

A thick one always felt nice but the very long ones over 12" up to 18" all the way up my ass made me cum like crazy. I am much older now and have stopped shoving things up my ass and haven't had any dick in several years but some times I get the urge and lube up for a damn good toy fucking and will enjoy several good rubber cocks.