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This happened 30 years ago

I always liked peaking at my wife

I would watch her through window at night when she was in bath or just watching tv.Always in hopes of catching her masterbating and watching her.

One night i had to work night shift.

I was wreastling with my son and stuff on living room floor before i left. Watching WWF.

I left for work and got only a me down the road and work called and said machine down stay home.

So i turned around and headed home.

Before i got home the perv in me decided to spy on wife.

I park down road and walk home. Get to living room window and wife and boys are still watching wwf

Boys was on floor wrestling and wife was on couch watching them.

Let me discrib her.

Shes 5 foot tall 110 lbs sandy hair half down her back some faded strach marks from having kids but hot tight body with a tight round butt.

Smaller ski sloped tits.

30 years old at time.

So the boys was wrestling and the Barb my wife was watching them. Finally she got envolved rolling around on floor with them.

She was just wearing a t shirt and black panties.

It was a turn on because i would get flashes of he panties from time to time.

My boys were 9 and 12. The oldest mark being almost the same height as his mom but skinny as a toothpick had her in a leg lock trying to pin her down but she easily got out and stradled him on his back and pined him.

Then she said funs over boys get ready for bed.

So Mark and Tim went to bathroom brushed teeth and went to there rooms Tims being upstairs and Marks is in basement. After Tim went Up the window was open so i could hear everthing. Mark came back in living room asking if he could stay up until wwf went off.

Barb said okay but keep it down yoh you ger brother dont need to know..

She did this alot because Mark was 3 years older and let him stay up. They sat together on couch right below window. Watching tv.

Im like dam it i want to spy on her alone.

After a few minutes they started arguing about wrestling match.


Barb said keep it down you will wake your brother.

Next thing j know they are wrestling on coach then on to floor.Tims room upstairs he would not hear them.

Mark had his mom pinned on floor on her back hands holding her shoulders on carpet.

She could get out shes stronger but she just acted like he had her he sat on her stradled he sides holding her down

She had her legs up bent knees behind him i had a clear shot at her panties. Finally she rolled him off her he wraped his legs and arms around her waist and had her in bear hug.

If she tried to get up he went with so she tried to slude foward doing so slid Marks pjs off his butt on carpert.

They rolled back over and his bare butt was in airhe let go and stood up but when he did his mom had her legs wraped around him and his pjs slid down his knees .Barb laughed Mark had his back to me and he bent over and pulled them up in a hurry. Barb got up and went to bathroom. Mark sat back on couch..

A few minutes later Barb came back and sat down.

She playfully pushed Mark.

I had never seen her act this way wrestling or anything when i was home.

She started playfully tickling him then there they go on floor wrestling Barb got him pinned down right away this time stradling his waist arms pined down her back to me.

Mark was trying to get free. And doing so was sliding across carpet Barb was letting him slid up she was going with him then i seen why.

His pjs slid down again Barb was on his belly crawling with him as he strugled to move. Both were laughing. Marks pjs were down and i coukd see he was hard.

He got a boner wrestling his mom.

Barb held him still now about 10 feet from window.

She said what are you going to do now?

Im not letting you up.

He was twisting and rolling trying to get up giggling Barb slid back over his boner. I thought this will end it when she feels it.

She sat still on him neather saying a word like they was resting.

I figured she had to know his pants were down.

Then i was shocked i saw just a little move rocking her hips.

I was i shock she was ever so slightly rocking her hips.

Mark tried to escape again he tried rolling but Barb had his arms pinned.

He tried bucking her off and her shirt came up in back and i was really shocked.

When she went to bathroom she must of taken her panties off.

Why? Dummy me thought at time.

I just stood there watching numb whe Barb rocked her hips more pronounced now.

Mark tried to escape again and Barb got firm with him and and looked at him and said real stern like dont move!!

She was rocking and looking up at ceiling eyes closed.

Then she looked back down at Mark and whispered to him

I could hear through open window.

Dont move just lay still she let go of his arms and put her hands on his chest grinding herself against him.

I can hear her breathing she looking at Mark.

Mark just lay still his arms where they was watching his mom.

I cam still see barbs butt she stops raises up slightly and reached down and i could see her lower herself kn Marks dick.

Still in shock i just stand there speechless.

She started rocking her hips now with Mark in her tight pussy.

It esculates quickly and she is talking to mark hold still baby dont move mommy needs this please oh Mark honey..

You make mommy feel so good..

She rocking hard now. Mark just lay there Barbs mianing and letting out the cute grunt she does with me. And then she cums

She holds marks chest and has an incredible looking orgasuim.

Then she colaps foward and kisses mark on forhead and lays on his chest recovering.

They get up Mark still hard and he quickly pulled up his pjs showing a little tent .

Barb stood up and sat on couch whe mark went to bathroom.

I snap out if my daze and think i need to go do something.

Then i think what can i do i just stood and watched the whole time my wife fucked our son.

Then Mark came out and started to head to his room and Barb stoped him. They sat on couch and Barb said Mark we cant tell no one about this. It has to be our secrete. Mark nodded.

Then mark went to his room in basement i could see the light come on in his room.

Barb went ti bathroom.

Then i was finally taking in what i saw.

I realized i was hard as a rock.

Aroused as hell .i shake the image and Barb comes out and goes down stairs.

Marj was i. Bed Barb turns light back on.

I lay down so i can see in window.

Barb talkkng to Mark and then tajes hus hand and they leave the room.

Our Bed room light comes on. They go in and Barb shuts the door.

Im like wtf.

She gets on her knees and pulls Marks pjs down.

Or tries he hangs on to them.

She gets stern with him to let go and he complies and she takes them off one leg at a time she has him set on edge of bed.

His dick still hard she stands and takes her night shirt off.

Naked she stands infront of him and pulls his head to her chest ahe says suck them baby.

Barb always liked her tits sucked.

She lets out a moan as he takes her in his mouth.

Mark this is our secret you cannot tell anyone.

She pulls his mouth from her tit primise me as she looks in his eyes. He nodes and sahe steps closer and kisses him.

If your dad found this out he would kill both of us.

She crawled up on bed and lay down.

She motioned him over and pUlled him up to eye level then she lay back reached down and put him inline told him to push forward.

As he did her eyes rolled up and she huged him raised her legs and wraped them around him.

She was hot she reached down and puled him deeper with her hands telling hime how to move he got it and she huged him started kissing his neck her feet wraped behind him and heard her tell him Fyck mommy mark keep moving just like that dont stop.

Mark was thrusting in his mom Barb had an orgasuim and Mark went to stop and she told him dont stop and she held him tight as he pumped in and out and Barb was in multible orgasiums none stop it seemed.

Mark was feeling it now i could tell he was going to.

He started to pull out and his mom reached down and pulled him deeper.

Mark let out a cry and said oh Mom and he shot his load in her which put her over again. They lay motionless on bed

I reach down and unbutton my pants and as soon as i get it out i shoot my load all over side of house.

I here his mom say you can sleep in here your dad dont get home till 6.

I look at my watch and say shit ill have to sleep in car.

Barb set alarm for 5:30 so he can clear out before i get home.

I go get car and camp out.

About 5 i get up and go to window.

They are sleeping under covers i can tell she is spooning Mark .

5:30 the alarm goes off Barb shut it off she leans over Mark still asleep.

She starts kissing him on shoulder then neck he wakes up and she goes under blankets.

I can tell by the way the bankets are moving shes blowing him.

Mark just staring at ceiling.

Barb comes up and climbs on him she put him in her again and she,starts rocking her hips.

After about 10 minutes shes cumming and pulls gim on top of her and says,hurry we got 5 minutes.

Marks starts fucking his mom she coaching him and he jerks and cums quickly this time.

In frustration they hurry and get dressed Mark leaves and

She shuts light off.

I go around wait 5 minutes,and come in house.

When i get to bedroom i get undressed and climb in.

Barb rolls over i can smell sex in room.

She ask hows my night i say good she kisses me i can tell she is still horney and i know,why.

She climbs on me lowers herself down on me i can feel her soaked dripping cum filled pussy. we fuck for about 5 minutes and she cones so hard i can feel heer squeeze me

I came about the,same time.

I wake up a,few,hours later.

Barb not their i think wtf.

She has never acted like that.

All i could figure is when Marks pjs came down the first time she,saw his hardon.

And knew,she caused it.

I do more spying in future if you like i will post.