Dirty Confessions - Reveal your innermost secrets.




I Had my son young i was 18 when he was born

His dad was a Truck driver growing up so it was just him and i alone alot.

Some years Later i was 34 at time My husband was gone over the road my girlfriends and i was having a night out.

We were drinking and partying About 11 they droped me off home.

My son greeted me at door and asked if we had a good time.

Yes i said i was a little drunk but not waisted.

I could of used a few more drinks.

Im little. 5 foot tall 110 lbs so it dont take alot to get me waisted.

He asked if i drank much and i said not enough laughing it off.

Ii set down turned on tv and he came in with me a drink.

Whats this?

Yiy said you didnt have enough.

So he had mixed me a fuzzy naval.

I take a drink and it was alot stronger than i like.

What are you doing trying to get my waisted after i took i sip.

You dont like it?

He was looking at ne with those cute blue eyes hoping i did.

I said its perfect.

I go to bathroom with my drink and on way back i dumped it and just got orange juice.

I drank it and next thing i know he has me another.

I smile and say thankyou.

We watch tv and he leaves for a bit and i run to kitchen and dump most of it and go sit back down .

Mike comes back and sees i have most gone. And says finish that ill get you another.

Thats okay mom has had enough.

Oh come on mom 1 more.

Im very suspicious now whats he up too. He never does this.

So i take the last sip in cup and hand it too him.

He huried in kitchen.

No way am i drinking those strong drinks.

So when he returns i start acting drunk thank him and pretend to take another sip.

I lay on couch and pretend to fall askeep.

He didnt wait 5 min and he came over to me and asked if i was awake.

He shook me. I lay still for a minute then in real thick slur i asked what.

He said u need to go to bed.

Okay i get out.

He pulls me up and i am laughing inside.

I lean on him and he holds me up and helps me too bedroom.i think he just going lay me on bed and leave.

He lays me back my feet over edge.

I feel him take my shoes off.

Then he reaches for my jeans and unbuttons them i grab my button he said quickly its okay mom just getting ready for bed.

I let him pull them off i lay there with my eyes closed.

Mind racing did i take this too far.

I had on just plain white panties no big deal.

He moved my legs onto bed im in my tshirt and bra yet.

He ask u want your night shirt?

I dont respond.

He shakes me i just breath lightly like im out cold.

He slowly slides myshirt up getting on his knees on bed.

He pulls my arms out then carefully takes it over my head.

Im laying on bed in front of son in just my bra and panties.

My head is spinning dont know if from akcohol or situation.

He unsnaps my bra i need to stop him so a,slur ill get it where is my nightgown. He jumps off bed ti get it and comes back and says here it is

For some reason i cant move i just lay there i open my eyes and look up at him. But am paralized.

Maybe i did drink too much.

He asked want me to do it?

I just stare at him.

He reached down and removed my bra and im in a,daze now.

He reached down and i feel him touch my tits.

He sqeezes,them.

Im watching him through a,haze like im in shock.

I dint remember but next thing i know my panties are off.

And he is rubing me.

I feel him spread my legs.

Inside i think stop but i dont move or say anything.

Its like im hyonotised i dont feel drunk.

I feel alert hes kissing my belly i can feel it but its like its not me.

He sucks my tit then the other.

I look down and see the top if his head as he sucks my nipples.

I want to raise my arm and shove him off but i cant for some reason im scared stiff.

He comes up and kisses my neck it feels good then its my son i realize and im repulsed. He nibles my ears kisses my bottom lip.

I try to turn my head but when i do i kiss him back.

We kiss for a long time. I loose who it is in a,fog.

Sudenly i realize hes naked.

I dont recall him getting undressed.

Who im thinking.

Its my son i realize and i try to get him off me i push with my hands on his,shoulders he hols me tight and nibbes my neck some more that feels good so i let up and feel my self spread my legs.

I hear myself moan out loud and and he took that as an invite and he entered me.

It filled me up like we were one i loose it for a second and he kises my lips and i get out noooo

Stopp we cant. He say shhhh mom its okay and goes back to my neck i feel him pumping in and out he cones in me with a violent thrust and holds me tight till he relaxes on me.

I wake up in the morning it was all like a dream.

Hes gone i have my shirt on and nothing else.

I thought it was a,dream convinced myself.

I stood up and then felt him his cum running out of me down my legs.How many times did he do it. I go to bathroom and clean up. My pussy is sore and swollen.

My butt is sore. I have dried cum on my tits.

Hair,and face.

I take a shower and clean up good as i was trying to digest

What had happened while in the shower i was running shower head over myself a wave of an intense orgasium hit me everything was reacting my butt my clit me nipples.

It was like everthing he did hit me at once i fall to shiwer floor as the most intense orgasium washes over me. It seemed like it lasted 10 minutes. When i stopped i was almost too weak to stand.

This happened 2 weeks ago.

My son acts normal and i pretend it never happened.

How do i aproach something like this?

And should i deal with it or just go on and pretend it never happened.

Or did it?