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When i was 10 my moms best friend was babysitting me.

Jer husband was at work so it was just us at home.

We we got to her house she insisted i take a shower.

She got me a towel and left me to shower.

When got out i had no clothes she had taken them.

So i take a towel and put around my waist and go find her

She said they were in wash and took me by the hand and said come with me.

She led me to her bedroom and had me set on chair. She walked over to closet and undreessed with her back to me.

After she got naked she turned to me and said are you watching me?

I was scared i said no she came over to me and said what are you looking at then..

I turn my head not to look at her.

She said its too late now i saw you.

What if i tell your mom you are peeping at me.

I shrug my shoulders . Dont you shrug your shoulders at me,she yelled.

Im sorry i said.

Well you have a choice. Either i punish you and we keep it between us or we tell your mom.

Well she said?

I said dont tell mom with tears in my eyes.

Ok she said .

She stood me up and huged me putting my face to her tits.

I wont tell she said dont cry.

But if i ounish u first its our secret and second you do what i say. Okay?

I nod my head .

She takes my towel off.im naked its only fair that you are.

Well aint you cute as a button she says and smiles.

I get embarrassed and turn away she sqeezes my butt and i jerk away. She grabs me and sets me on bed lays me down. I try to set up byt she said lay still and holds me down.

She leans over me and kisses me on.lips.

Sliping her tung in my mouth.

She lays her full weight on me and makes me kiss her.

After i while she moves down and takes me in her mouth im soft so she sucks all of me in.

I het hard and i was about 4 inches then.

She puts me in middle of bed and climbs on me and starts rocking hips.i can rememberhow jot amd wet it felt when i slid in her.

She came and layed on me catching her breath. Then she moved up and sat on my face i turn my head and she yelled at me told me to stick my tung out.

And lick her. She smashed into my face with hwr weight. I could hardly breath she stated ficking kn my face grinding her pussy kn my mouth and nose.

I had her wet running all over my face down my chin

She got on her knees and had me kiss he but had me lick her pussy with her butt in air.

Then she had me lick her butt hole and stick my tung in.

I stoped befire she wanted me too so she spanked me several times.

I went soft so she left came back in and gave me a pill and some water.

15 minutes i was hard as can be i know now what she gave me at time i was clueless.

She layed on her back and had me mount her she got mad at me because i was not doing it right sat me on back and sat on me with her puasy inches from my face..she started fingering herself and looking at me she squirted on my face.

Them she sucked and rubed me until i got off.

Then she told me i was bad and spanked me again. Then she got dressed and made me stay naked most of the day.

She called me a bad boy all day and made me watch her pee and a couple hours later she had me watch her masterbate..

I never told anyone till now this was 10 years ago.

Now that i am an Adult i think shes hot.

I fantisize about her all the time.

Thought about blackmailing her for sex.

She baby sat me for a couple weeks back then when my normal babysitter was on vacation.

She whiped me and raped me everyday

One day her huaband was home and she had me hide in closet in their bed roomwhen he came in house for lunch.

Thier closet door had loovers so u can se out.

She brought him in room and had sex with him so i could watch.

After he left she had me eat her out . She said lick it out bad boy my little naughty boy i got mad at her and she put me over her knee and spanked me then finger fucked my butt