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My mom and dad divorced when I was 5 and now I'm 17 and live with my mom in her best friends Greta and Mike's house. Its a 4 bedroom house and they have 2 daughters, Amanda who is 14 and Amber who just turned 12. They let my mom and me move in last year and Mike changed the den into a bedroom for me. Its not that I all the sudden started sleeping naked all the time because I have been sleeping that way since I was about 15. It was Amber who saw me naked first and she thought I was asleep and just looked at me for about 10 minutes. I was going to yell at her but instead I rolled over so she could see my penis and balls better. The next day both of them snuck into my room and I guess because it used to be a den I don't have a lock on the door. They come in my room now a couple times a week and I just lay there letting them see me naked and don't try to hide it when I get a hard on. Amanda sometimes moves my foot to open up my legs and does it real slowly and I just pretend I'm sleeping. They never hold my penis but both of them touch it with their fingers and sometimes poke my scrotum to. Every time they come in I end up jerking off after they leave and am afraid to let them know I am awake. They got to be stupid to think I don't know they are in my room looking at me. I talk to them every day but they never say anything about it and neither do I. You'd think it would embarrass me for all the times they see me naked but it only makes me get a hard on when they come in. I like when they touch me even though they only tap my hard on with a finger and if they tap it when its soft I get hard right away. They never talk when in my room but sometimes I can hear them whispering and Amanda calls my penis a dick.