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This happens2 years ago and still happen today. I am a 19 uears old teenager. My parents were always out of town for work. So i stay at my house all alone. Being discipline is not easy anyway. I started to work on loval cafe and helping a friend selling vapes near there. I'm able too get money for my own from that.

So one night after i worked, i went home a bit late. Before i was able to get home, i saw a homeless woman outside the cafe. And she looks hungry. Since i couldn't bring her inside, i bring some food outside and give it to her. When i was about to give the food, the lights on the terrace give a clear look for her face. And i recognize the face. I believe she was my junior high school teacher. She was known fpr her beauty and all of my friend love her. Despite that, she was known to struggle for a lot of things back then like debt, divorced, etc. And i was a bit surprise to see her to be homeless.

I tried to talk to her. Calling out that we knoww each others on junior high school. She finally remember me. After some talk, i told her that i could giver money, monthly. Her response is tgat she will do anything for it since she has already given up on everything. And suddenly something crazy crossed my mind. I jokingly told her that if she's willing to spend a night on the bed with me i will give her a money. We were laugh for that, abd then there's like a minute of silence. Then she said that she will do it if i kept my promise. I'm a man of my promise so i kept my promise.

After that i took her toy house. In which the house were empty since my parents return only on last month. I took her in, and we go straight to my room. We take or time, talking to each other recalling junior high school. Until she said that now she's sleeping with her student. That still crazy she said. I respond it with yeah its crazy. And started on opening my pants showing my cock. I pull her arms giving her a sign to get on her knees. At first she had a doubt. She's a bit shy. But i kept making her to not feel shy. And so it started. She start on sucking my cock. Whenever she hesitates to do sexual things with me, i forced her making her to not hesitates. So we then spent the night together. And on the climax i toured all my cum inside her pussy. A pussy that should have no longer tight. And the next morning we fuck again and cum inside her again. Its a bit crazy since its my former teacher that i fuckrd. But everything goes on. And so i gave her a quarter of my saving.

So everytime she needs money, we spent the night together. And if she ask for money on the same month despite she already got it for that month, i give her a quite pain anal and creampie, with cumthroat on her. I like her screaam when i do anal to her. And its still goes on till i write this confession.

After some times, she said she's not feeling well. And i took her to local hospital by telling the doctor that she's my sister. After that the doctor diagnose that she actually pregnant, but the 3 and a half month old inside her belly didn't make it. So after that we were more becareful and i told her to take on the birt control that i bought for her before we fuck