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hi, i'm from confession #2586. This happen ehen i was 15. I told you that my parents were always out of town. So when i still on junior high school, sometimes i stayed at my aunt house. And ever since i know things about sex, porn etc., always had a fetish to fuck my aunt or my cousin. And i'm glad i had a both of them. I always think my aunt si a hot mom, she had a daughter, which is my cousin and my aunt was divorced. And i was able to bang my aunt when i'm 17. But right now i'll tell you my dark fetish. My friend said when you had sex with someone below 15 years old, you're a pedophille. So yeah, for sometimes i had that inside myself. So it all started when i'm about to sleep. Usually i fap and watched porn before sleep. When i was enjoying myself by jerking, i was surprised cuz my cousin suddenly came in. She was about to say something vefore her mouth got shut for what she's about to see. She stopped there, in the front of the door and stared confusingly at my cock. And then she ask me what was i doing. I told her to sit and explain everything to her. But after that i told not to tell mom.

So when that happen, i felt that this is my chance to get her to become my sex partner. So yeah, i grab her hand and put them on my cock. I told to rub it slowly. She did good despite her confused and a bit shy about it. Then i told her about cumthroat. And after that i told her to get on her knees, and let me fuck her mouth. She didn't try to hold back and let me do what i want. I can hear he gagging everytime i hold my whole cock in her throat. And drools kept dripping down her mouth. I fuck her mouth until i cum and told her to swallow it. She quite fought back when i cum. But i kept holding her head and thrusting my cock into her throat. I heard her swallowing my cum and that makes me more happy than ever.

After we finish, she was a bit mad to me, cuz i think i pee inside her mouth. But after that i told her everything and then we're cool. I made a deal with her, every two days a week, we'll do things like that and she's agreed.

My cousin is a very heavy sleeper so once she was asleep its a bit hard to wake her. So if i got a chance, sometimes i would came to her room, open her pants and lick her pussy. And raise her clothes then, suck her nipples or just licking her breast. She got quite a huge breast for twelve years old.

After a few months since we did that, i decided to do a new things with her. That night became the first she had sex. But i want to keep her virginity so we had anal. My aunt were going late from work, so before she got home, we had anal sex. I use body lotion to make my cock a bit slimy. I told her to bend, we were both naked. I spread her ass and start to penetrating her. She moan so loud until she scream. She would cry when i kept pound her for a long time. That night was the best night in my life. And since then, we always had anal everytime we had a chance.

That's when i was 15. When she was 18 my cousin were gone to a party with her friend. And there she would had swx with a guy, she said. So after she's not a vitgin, we started to had sex in her pussy. And i would give her birth control pils so i could cum inside her.