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We live in a neighborhood that has very few street lights, most lighting came from the homes with their porch lights for visability. Without my knowledge my husband arranged a silouette show. Our house had large plate glass windows in the living room with simple white window covering maybe the thickness of a bed sheet. One day my husband moved the furniture and lighting for the living room around. We have a large wooden trunk we use as a coffee table. He put new cushions on top for extra seating near the windows. He placed the lamps towards the back of the room. I admit we both get extra horny when we get a buzz after maybe too much to drink. We started out just talking and having drinks in the living room when my husband started feeling me up and fondled my tits he was getting a hard on so he asked me to do a striptease while he masturbated. I was in my performance for him and enjoyed watching him working his cock up and down. We enjoy talking dirty and sexy coaching each other during our sexual activities. It's just a huge turn on. Better than the usual grunting and moaning seen in simple porn videos. We got really wound up and after I started masturbating myself with my own fingers he got up and crawled over to me telling me to lay on my back across the trunk. I helped him strip touching him sensually. He started sucking on my pussy and licking me on to several orgasms then started working his cock in and out of my pussy nice and slow to prolong the joy of sex. Then he had us change so I was on top of him while we indulged in a delicious 69 session. When we were both spent and satisified sexually we retired to our shower and off to bed to sleep.

The next day when my husband went to get the mail and had a long conversation with our neighbor from across the street. That wasn't unusual because they always talked guy stuff and the usual cars, tools, landscape chores, etc.

That night we enjoyed another evening of drinking and sexing things out in our newly arranged living space. While I did my striptease my husband tilted the lamp shades back so more light was on me like I was in the spot light. This time he went from stroking and fucking my pussy to have me position to let my head leaning back off the end of the trunk, then he had me giving him a deep throat blowjob filling my mouth and throat with his creamy cum.

The next morning my husband went over to the neighbors house and returned with his cell phone he said he loaned the neighbor. The neighbor shot a video of our silouette show including the audio. Couldn't hear my husband and me, but definitely could hear the neighbor and a couple other guys getting themselves off while masturbating to the live porn show. When my husband showed it to me I got so turned on I wanted always perform our sexual trips in the living space for anybody that wanted to watch.