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Hi 41 married well dont know for how long for last month I been sneaking out or leaving work going to Bookstore with Gloryhole my husband friends would talk about I overhear them. It all started on day at Walmart there is a parkinglot far where homeless and truckers stay one day I drove by and saw guy peeing back there and homeless women. The next day I return evening I parked beside blazer which had cardboard and towels as curtains must be where the homeless stay I looked closer and seen lady in backseat while guys were sucking each other, I looked and could see his cock thick I got out had on work dress I pulled it up and began to pee so they can see me, I sat in passenger seat with door open and fingered myself I ended up fucking them 2 nights in a row no condom. Next day I drove by Thriller bookstore I read reviews mostly gay or bi married men, so I slipped on stockings and fit skirt pulled up around 9pm went to back saw guya jerking off and sucking each other I sat in booth across so I can watch them fingering myself I looked out corner of eye there was a white cock hanging through hole I had no choice but to get down and suck it he came in my mouth about 3 cocks later a black uncut slips in hole i sucked without pulling it back his voice deeply said He wants to fuck me by this time I am barefoot spit drooling I stand up rub my ass on him he ask do I have protection I said for what he said nevermind I put my foot in chair and back up to him I pull back foreskin I see some dick cheese I backed into it as it slides in me smelling the cum on my face and dripping turn me on I exclaimed fuck me hard he than ask was I clean Me being turned on said I guess but hope it change, i told him hope he has something to give to my husband, he said u will find out harder and harder I felt him jump and cock got bigger he came inside me I fucked 5 more cocks, the next night I went and samething but it was a total of like 13 guys my husband fucked me after 2nd night and kind of stand offish to me I think he knows I have been tampered with cause his 6in cock was like throwing a mini hotdog in a ocean I knew after 2nd night he ate me out that weekend not even a min into it he starts to gag and choke on my vagina..I think I am really addicted to strangers cum it makes me feel so alive now I will post pic of me under here on twitter