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I remember the time I was visiting California and went to the studios. That day they were shooting a porn movie an Juliet Anderson (aunt Peg) was walking the site. I approached her and said I admired her work and that I wished I was as bold as her. Then she said I had a beautiful body and I could be a porn star if I wanted. I have a nice pair of 40 D tits and a slim waste.

As we walked and talked she asked if I had ever fucked a man. I had a couple of time, then she asked if I had ever gotten my pussy licked by a woman. I told her no and she said it was time I found out how great it could be. She took me to her trailer and as she undressed me she started to kiss me. What a fucking rush with her tongue down my throat. Then she started to rub my cunt and within minutes I was cumming She had three fingers inside me while kissing me. "Oh fuck" was all that I could say as she finger fucked me to orgasm. Then she laid me down and proceeded to lick my pussy. Shen she started to nibble on my clit i about lost it. I started to say "Fuck, fuck, fuck" over and over until I felt myself cumming. She finally got finished and said that I had the most gorgeous body she'd ever seen.

I eventually got into the porn industry and Peg and I have been sucking and fucking ever since. What a fucking life.