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I married a woman who was built just like my mom. A little heavy, large tits and huge nipples. It started when I was young. Dad was a trucker and was gone a lot. On those nights dad wasn't home mom would drink a lot and usually wore semi-transparent nighties. Her favorite was the pink one and I could clearly see her nipples. It seemed the more she drank the bigger her nipples got. Anyway I joined the Army out of high school. Four years later I got out and moved back into the house. Somewhere along the way dad died in a truck accident so mom was alone. She didn't date, thinking she wasn't pretty enough or young enough. Night after night she would sit on the sofa in the middle of the living room and drink while she watched TV. I often had to help her to bed after she was totally plastered. She often complained about her neck and shoulders so I would stand behind her and massage her neck.

I had fucked a couple of women in the Army but wasn't serious with any of them. I didn't think anything of it but I have a pretty large cock. It is about seven inches and really thick at the base with a large head. One Friday night she had been drinking more than usual and wanted a neck rub. As I was massaging her Her head went limp and she started snoring softly. I tried to wake her up but she was totally out. I looked over her shoulder at her large tits and thought it wouldn't hurt to feel one so I slipped my hand down into her nightie and cupped a tit. She didn't move so I took a nipple and started to rub it between a thumb and finger. She moaned softly. I figured it was time to get her to bed so I pulled her to her feet. She was barely able to walk. I laid her on the bed and stared at her tits. I looked down and saw her black pubic patch through her panties. I put a hand on her thigh and she opened her legs a bit. I started to rub her thigh and she pushed her hips up a little. Her right hand went up to her tit and she started to play with her nipple. I called to her but she was still out of it. I went a little farther and my hand was now on her cunt through her panties. There was a small wet spot so I slipped my hand inside and found her cunt was very moist. My cock was just about rock hard and I really didn't want to jerk off. I took a chance and slowly pulled her panties off. Then she spread her legs even wider and mumbled something about being inside her. I took my pants off and crawled on the bed. I pushed her legs up a little and scooted forward until my cock was right at her cunt. I rubbed the head of my cock up and down on her clit. Then she said "Fuck me honey." She probably thought I was dad. I put my cock slightly in her and pushed. I was balls deep inside her and she started to fuck me. She was still out of it so I was sure she wouldn't remember anything in the morning.

I started to slowly fuck her then went a little harder. She was moaning so I reached up and tweaked a nipple. It got harder the more I squeezed it. I reached up and grabbed the other nipple. I was pulling and tugging them as I fucked her. It only took about five minutes and I was ready to cum. I pulled out and shot all over her belly. I quickly got a towel and wiped her off. I couldn't get her panties back on so I put them in the clothes hamper.

I was at a friend's house all day Saturday so I didn't know what time she got up but when I got home she already seemed pretty drunk. She was wearing another see-through nightie and her nipples were poking out. It was early evening and I had only been home a few minutes when she said she needed a neck rub. I said okay and stood behind her. I looked down and could tell she wasn't wearing any panties tonight. Her head slumped and she seemed asleep again. I decided to get her into bed early so I pulled her up and walked her to the bedroom. She was walking a little better than the night before. I laid her on the bed and was planning on going back out for the evening. As I turned toward the door she said "Wait a minute honey." When I turned back to her I could see that she pulled her nightie up to her belly, exposing the black patch of her pussy. She just looked up and smiled and said "before you go I need you to fuck me like you did last night."

I couldn't believe it. She remembered what happened. I started to say "But mom," but she said to be quiet and let her see my cock. She undid my pants and I let them drop to the floor. She was laying on her side and leaned. She took my cock in her mouth. I ended up cumming in her mouth then she had me fuck her again. We became lovers that entire summer. A couple of years later I met Melinda, the woman who I later married. She has big tits and nice nipples. She sucks my cock once or twice a week and loves it when my fat cock stretches her cunt out. Every time I cum in either her mouth or cunt I think back to that summer with my mom. And she even seems to love it when I yell "Oh fuck. I'm cumming mommy."