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I remember the day some 20 years ago when my wife told me she thought I was gay. When I asked why she thought that she said that she noticed I checked out every crotch we passed. She pressed me for the truth and I finally admitted I was curious. then she said she would set it up and I could find out for sure. When I asked her how she said to leave it up to her and we would soon find out. I had forgotten about the conversation but a few weeks later she said she felt kinky and wanted to tie me to the bed. I let her and my hands were bound and she had put a blindfold on me. A few minutes later I felt a pair of lips on my cock. She said it wasn't her but a male friend of hers and If I could cum I was gay. He sucked me and I got harder and harder. I hadn't cum yet when he turned around and mounted me in a 69. He stuck his cock up to my lips and I heard her tell me to open up and suck him.

We made each other cum that night and when he finally left she said that I proved I was gay. I still loved her but she said she wouldn't suck my cock anymore and If I wanted a blowjob it had to be from another man. Over the years we had many threesomes and I have actually had more cock than her. I've been mouth fucked and ass fucked more times than I could remember. Even though I love cock as well as cunt she won't even fuck me anymore, saying she was worried about what I might bring home but she still wanted to stay married and I could suck or fuck anybody I wanted. Now I have the best of both worlds. I get all the cock I want and still have the woman I've loved for the last 25 years. Man, what a fucking life I've had.

What I didn't know until recently was that all the time I've been getting strange cock she has been sucking on other women's cunts as well.