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My wife and I have been married for about 16 years. We recently moved into a plush neighborhood. I didn't realize until after we moved in that most of the people on our street were gay and lesbian couples. I had sucked a cock during my frat hazing in college but didn't consider my self gay. I knew my wife, Tina, had a couple of experiences with other women but we considered ourselves a straight couple and had a decent sex life.

Shortly after moving int Dave and Lou invited us to dinner. They lived next door and seemed like nice people. We met them for dinner at their place and after dinner had a couple bottle of wine between the four of us. Tina liked her wine and was quite drunk when Dave asked her if she ever had an experience with a woman. She said "Yes, I did before we got married but Terry is the one who loves cock." I was rather taken back by this but Lou looked me in the eye and said he would love to taste my cock. Tina said she would love to see that. Oddly the wine had lowered my inhibitions and my cock twitched a couple of times. He looked at Tina and she looked at me and said she knew I liked cock and I should show them. We were all pretty drunk. Lou came over and sat next to me on the sofa. He asked Tina if it was okay if he kissed me. She just nodded and I could see she was stroking her cunt through her slacks. Stu took my head in his hands and kissed me. It was soft and alluring and his tongue penetrated my mouth. In his exploration his hand found my thigh and he squeezed. Then he slid his hand up to my cock and squeezed it as well. My cock is only about five inches but was rapidly getting there. Tina then told him she wanted to see me suck his cock. I couldn't believe it. She never brought this up in our marriage but here she was not encouraging me to suck another man's cock. Lou stood up and pulled his pants down. He didn't have any underwear on and when his cock popped past his zipper I was staring at it. He was already bigger than me and he was only half hard. He stood in front of me and put his cock up to my lips. Tina said "Go ahead honey. I want to see it." Her hand was now down her pants and I could see her masturbating.

Then Lou laid on the carpet and told me to suck him. I crawled between his legs and took his cock in my mouth. Then Tina was undoing my pants and pulled them off. I was on my hands and knees and felt her rubbing my ass cheeks. Then Dave got behind me and I heard Tina tell him to fuck me. All I knew from my experience was that gay men stroked and sucked each other's cocks. I wasn't too up on ass fucking. But then I felt Dave's finger work its way into my ass. Then he pulled his finger out and it was replaced by his cock. He entered me and started to slowly fuck me. This was something my wife never did to me and it felt great. She was kneeling beside me urging him on. She kept saying "Fuck him harder. Make him your bitch." And he did. By the time I had taken a load in my mouth and a load in my ass I was hooked. Tina said it was the hottest fucking thing she'd ever seen.

When we were finally done I sat up. I had an ass full of cum and the aftertaste from swallowing Lou's load. When we got home I fucked Tina harder and longer than never before. I hadn't cum so hard in all our years of marriage. Even as drunk as we both were we fucked like never before. She even took my second load in her mouth after we fucked a second time. From that night on we spent a lot of time at other people's houses. Sometimes it would be for her pleasure with other women and sometimes it would be for me. I never thought I'd be an active part of the gay scene but we've truly enjoyed the times we spent sucking and fucking others. Wow, what a life and a wife I have....