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when I met my wife I knew she was fucking a lot of guys, I guess this is what I loved about her. Where she grew up strawberry farming was the main thing around town. If you wasn't growing them you were picking them. The high school where my wife went would shut down for a week so the kids could help out on some of the strawberry farms. My wife confessed to me that when she was just a junior in school that doing that week one of the guys talked her into going in one of the sheds on the farm and he fucked her. He told her to just wait there because he had to at least go pick a few berries so no one would come looking for him. well what he did was go tell all his buddies where she was and that she was a hot fuck. They started going to the shed a taking turns with her. She told that at first she tried to stop them but after 3 or 4 she was wanting more and more. they would pick extra strawberries and turning them in under her name so they could keep going back and fucking her. She told me this went on every day for the week and it got around the school she was one hot slut. During her school years she said she fucked so many guys she didn't have any idea how many.. After graduation she move to a larger city and would wind up fucking her co-workers and bosses. That's where I first met her was at work. I knew all about her being a slut and this turned me on. I have always like slutty women.and she was one of the sluttiest i had ever met. we started dating and I told her I didn't won't her to stop doing what she loved and she could fuck and suck anyone she wanted to as long as she told me all about it when we were together. We did finally marry and nothing has changed except maybe for the better. She still fucks all she wants and has been in numerous gang bangs and I even set her up to be the girl to fuck at a college sorority over a weekend. Once when we were on the beach I had driven down a ways and she was sun bathing. I had forgot the ice and she said to leave her there as I ran back to get some.. When I got back I notice half a dozen guys walking away from where she was and when I asked she said fuck me and Ill tell you all about it. They had all took turns fucking her and she sucking their dicks. I added my cum to her cum filled pussy. Whenever we are fucking she tells me all about the guys that has fucked her and the things they do to her and she to them. It's great.