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"You impress me, Ma'am....such an imposing figure of a woman, mind like a steel trap....the job is yours, if you want it." She studied me, impassively, then nodded slowly, and said "Tell me about the bonuses, the ad mentioned.....my needs are great, financially-speaking, so I'll listen to anything! What is it - a daily blow-job? Don't be embarrassed - I am wise to the ways of the world, believe me...."

"Nothing so crude, Ma'am, but it is a little weird, I'll admit. I am....for early life reasons, addicted to being kept in a rubber bag, for long periods. I guess this is where you say "gotta go - nice meeting you" and I wouldn't blame you!" She laughed heartily. "So what does it pay, to keep you in your bag? It's not so bad, but there is no free lunch, as I'm sure you're well aware!"

"Oh of course, Ma'am....I was thinking an extra $10 for every hour you do this....?" She considered this, then said amiably "$20 and you have a deal! I'm quite comfortable with what they call 'perverts' and I would be anxious to earn as much of this bonus, as humanly possible! I could even see a circumstance when you might have to pay me, to let you out! You thought about that?"

"Seems fair! So what do you think?"

"Oh, I'm in! So, so are you! Go fetch the bag, and let me see what's involved!"

"Right now?

"Right now!" I'm not used to my uh, requests being treated lightly, I should warn you...I'm actually a bit of a control freak, I'm told, and I do like to be obeyed, without question or hesitation! You get my drift?"

"Yes Ma'am! I surely do!" I( said happily, and hurried off to get my suitcase full of tricks, thinking God bless trust funds...!

Ten minutes later I was trussed up, naked, in the long rubber bag, tied at the neck, round the waist, and under my feet, on my King-size bed, which she said was now hers. She ran her hands all over me, in my rubber-lined cocoon, and chuckled, saying "Well, this is certainly having total control! Absolute power! I own your skinny ass now, l'il white boy, and you have no idea how dangerous it is, to piss off a black woman, of my advanced years and generous proportions! You dig?"

"Mmmmmmffffff!" was all I could manage, with the small nylon zipper over my mouth tightly shut, leaving me only survival air via the two tiny holes over my nostrils, and certainly not enough for the luxury of speech. She perched on the bed, beside me, and eased open the zipper, thrusting her tongue between my jaws, with incredible force. "Push back!" she commanded. and we settled to a battle of the tongues. "Method in my madness," she mumbled, our mouths still together. "When I've taught you properly, you may use this generous tongue of yours, inside my sex, on my BIG clit, and you can learn to make me very happy, one stage at a time. Or you can be lazy and inefficient, and we'll see how you like being in there, with a really pissed off, large black lady outside, mad at you! I think once would be all it would take, for you to take my needs seriously!" So we did lots and lots of "tongue training" until it ached at the roots. Like she said she owned my skinny white ass, now, and nobody was going to come to my rescue, EVER!