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I said "But I'm not gay." My brother said "Fuck if you ain't." Then he said he sees me checking out other guys' cocks. I tried to protest but he just kept at it. He was two ears older than me and kept at it. Then he said "Tell you what stud. Let's go to the gym and I'll prove it to you." I really didn't think men were attractive and longed for the day I could fuck a woman. He took me to the gym and we went into the dressing room. I asked what he had in mind and he told me that we were going to go into the steam room naked and when other guys came in it would show us whether I was into cock or not. I really didn't think too much of it. A few minutes later a guy came in with a towel around his waist. When he sat down we could actually see under the towel. He wasn't extremely large but I couldn't help but stare at him. Then a husky black dude came in. He wasn't wearing anything and hes dick was pretty big. As he sat down my brother told me to look down. I did and looked at my own cock. It was half hard and seemed to grow with each heart beat. The steam started and filled the room so we couldn't see hardly anything. When it started to clear up a little the black guy was actually staring at my cock. I felt myself twitch. Then my brother said "Bro, it's okay. That's Jimmy. Hes gay too."

I started to protest but he put his hand on my shoulder. The other guy had left and it was just the three of us. My brother said "Hey Jimmy, this is my brother Terry and I think he wants your cock." As soon as he said that he got up and walked out of the steam room. Jimmy stood up and came over to where I was sitting and stood right in front of me. He leaned down and said "How many cocks have you sucked?" I told him I wasn't gay and he just laughed. He took his cock in his hand and pointed it at my mouth. He leaned in a little and said to kiss it. I was mesmerized by the sight of it. He pushed it a little closer until the tip was touching my lips. I could feel my cock growing. Then he pushed in a little farther and the head of his cock was now in my mouth. Then he pulled his cock out of my mouth and said that my brother was gone and he'd have to drive me home. He turned around and walked out. By the time my cock softened enough for me to exit he was already dressed and waiting for me. I finally exited the steam room and headed to my locker. I got dressed and followed Jimmy to his car. He had a minivan. He opened the side door and crawled in. What the fuck I thought. He said 'Get your fucking ass in here bitch." I stepped into the van and he closed the side door. The back windows were tinted and the middle seats were removed. He pulled his pants down and sat into one of the back seats. "I know you want it so get over here and start sucking." I didn't know what to do but I really wanted to. He knew he had to take charge so he said again, "Get you ass over here right fucking now cunt." Then he said "Don't worry. I'll help you out. On your knees." I got on my knees and he said to take the head in my mouth.

He guided me though sucking his cock until he was hard. He asked if my cock was hard. I knew it was and said yes. He guided me up and down and how much pressure to use and when he was ready to cum he put his hand on the back of my head and said that he was going to fill my mouth with his jizz and I shouldn't be scared. He said to just relax and let him cum in my mouth and I'd know for sure. I thought about pulling away but he actually held my head in place as he started cumming. I didn't know what to do so I swallowed. The texture was incredible. Six or seven squirts later he said to just suck the rest out of him. I did and notice my cock was straining against my pants. Then he said we should trade places. He got out of the seat and turned me around. He said to take off my pants. My pants and shorts were around my ankles and as soon as I sat his lips were on my cock. That was the first blowjob I ever had and I must have lasted a whole 30 seconds. I was ready to cum and just said "Oh fuck" and before I knew it his mouth was draining me. He took every fucking drop and kept sucking until I was totally spent.

When I was spent he said I could get dressed now. I got dressed and we crawled into the front seats. He drove me home and when we pulled into my driveway he gave my cock a quick squeeze through my pants. I got out and walked into our house. I walked into my bedroom and my brother was sitting on the bed. Then he said "I bet you sucked his cock didn't you?" He didn't wait for me to answer before he said he had sucked Jimmy's cock too.

It was actually a big load off of my shoulders. Over the next few months not only did I suck Jimmy a number of times he even fucked me a few times. Even though I still deny being gay I have discovered the difference between gay and bi-sexual. I came to ultimately love pussy but love cock even more. The difference is that women are really afraid of a man's cock where other men really relish everything about it. Now I suck cock any time I can.