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We've been married for over 20 years now but I still remember the first time she sucked my cock. I was in the military and met her while on Christmas leave. We met at a friend's house during the spring that year. She cooked a wonderful meal and our married friends were gone for the weekend so we got their bed. We didn't fuck but I did manage to eat her cunt the first night we were alone together. After she had an orgasm she put her hand down and started to stroke my cock. Then she put her head down and pulled my cock out. I was almost rock hard already when she took my cock in her mouth. I had no prior notions as to what would happen but she kept sucking me until I was ready to cum. I told her I was gonna cum and she took my entire load. She swallowed every fucking drop.

I was in 7th heaven. The next day we spent the day together and when it was time to go to bed we didn't even bother with underwear. She had gorgeous tits and wonderful nipples and I made her cum, first with my fingers then with my tongue. She sucked me again and kept sucking me until I was hard again. I warned her I was gonna cum and she put even more of my cock in her mouth. She swallowed every drop again and I was in love. My cock was still so hard after she sucked me I told her I had never came twice in one night and she said she could make me cum again. She started to suck me and when I was getting close to cumming I felt a finger circling my asshole and when I said I was gonna cum her finger plunged into my asshole. What a fucking rush. Her finger hit m prostate and I came even harder that before. She took it all. When I was spent she crawled up to kiss me. She still had my load in her mouth and her tongue transferred my cum from her mouth to mine. I almost came again as we mingled our spit and my cum. She asked if I could cum a third time. I told her I had never cum three times in one night so she had me turn over onto my stomach. She proceeded to eat my asshole. I didn't cum again but it was a night to remember. She was gorgeous with great tits and large nipples.

Ever since that night we have fucked like rabbits and she has swallowed at least 500 loads of my cum. she loves my cum and I love sharing it with her. Man what a fucking fuck doll I married. I love her to death and to this day we still fuck nearly every night. I truly married a winner. My cock is hard even now just thinking about it.