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I was at the bar on a Friday night. My wife was tired and didn't feel like going out so I was alone. I had a couple too many and was pretty tipsy when this lady with big tits came over to the bar and sat next to me. Her name was Emma. After another drink I found her hand on my thigh. Than she started rubbing up and down my leg. I told her I was married, and she said I was the perfect candidate. I asked what was I the perfect candidate for what. She said that she liked to try out married mead and asked if I liked to eat pussy. I told her that Of course I did and she invited me back to her place. I was just drunk enough to think that my wife hadn't sucked my cock for a long time so I thought "Fuck it" and said I'd love to eat her pussy.

I followed her to her place. It was at the end of a dead end street and we pulled into the driveway. As soon as we walked in she turned and kissed me. Then she asked me to suck on her nipples. They were huge and I started to suck on one of them. The said I sucked her nipple as good as anybody. I found her hand on my cock and found it growing. She led me to her bedroom and encouraged me to get undressed. Se were soon both undressed and on the bed. I was on my back with her pussy on my mouth and her sucking my cock. My six inches was rock hard when she sat up. Her cunt was pushing down on my mouth and I stuck my tongue as far up her as I could when I felt a pair of lips on my cock. I felt my legs being lifted and a tongue was on my asshole. She told me to just keep licking and enjoy it. My ass was being licked as I was eating her cunt. the I felt a poke and something was pushing into my asshole. My wife never did this so I relaxed and decided to enjoy it. As it turned out it was her boyfriend and he was pushing his cock into my ass. there was a little pain but was soon replaced with the feeling of being gently fucked for the first time.

She bent back down and took my cock into her mouth as I was being fucked. I Started cumming shortly there after and filled her mouth. She let it ooze out of her mouth onto my nuts as I finished cumming. Then she hopped off of me and sat next to me on the bed. I saw her boyfriend for the first time. He has a muscular black man. This actually turned me on more. I lifted my legs a little more and told him to fuck me like he does her. He started to deeper and I felt his nuts slap against my ass as he plunged into me. Then he said "You like being my cunt, bitch boy?" He fucked me like I was his first lover. What a fucking stud. He fucked me for the next 15 minutes and finally pulled his cock out of my ass. He moved and she knelt between my lets and shoved two fingers into my ass. At the same time he wiped his cock off and straddled my chest. Then he said to suck him like the whore I was and stuck his cock up to my lips. I had sucked one other guy years before but in no way felt I was gay. But when he began to push his cock into my mouth I opened up and let him in. He started to slowly fuck my mouth as she finger fucked me. I was getting hard again. This never happened with my wife. I then felt a hand on my cock as I started to actively suck the guy mouth fucking me. I felt nearly overwhelmed as I was getting ready to cum. Her hand was stroking me and I started to cum. It wasn't much but it felt fucking great. Then I felt his first spurt. He was cumming in my mouth. He didn't even warn me as he filled my mouth with his cum. This was too much. I didn't know what to do so I started swallowing. It tasted okay and he was saying that I was the best mouth cunt he'd ever fucked. I was still being finger fucked and was letting them do whatever they wanted with me. He finally pulled his cock out of my mouth after I had sucked him clean and turned and kissed her. She said that I passed the test and could be his bitch whenever I wanted. Then they told me to get dressed and leave.

I got in my car and my cock was still about half hard. On the 20 minute drive home I had my hand in my pants nearly the whole time. When I got home my wife was asleep and I was able to slip into the shower with none the wiser. I wasn't sure what that night about but I knew I wanted more. I've been going to that bar nearly every week and have gotten more cock and cunt than I could ever imagine. It's too bad my wife doesn't appreciate me or I'd get even more cunt and blowjobs than I'm getting now. Fuck I love cock.