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We'd been married for about 15 years when I started sucking cock. My first cock was a big fat guy. He sucked me off and swallowed my load, then I sucked him and swallowed his load. Ever since that night I've hunted for the perfect cock to suck. Most men I've sucked had cocks smaller than my six inches. That was until I met Chris. He was the friend of one of my regulars. He got my text and invited me over. He said he had a true eight inch cock and wanted me to suck a real man. I was prepared for another disappointment when I got to his place. He was tall and skinny. Before I even had my coat off he was kissing me. I put my hand down to his cock and could tell it was impressive. Within a few minutes we were both naked and I couldn't believe the size of his cock. Even soft it was at least six inches and pretty thick. He laid me on his bed and started sucking me. I quickly got hard and he complimented me on my nice cock. Then he got off of me and sat in his recliner and called me over. He had me sit on his lap with his cock against my ass crack.

We were kissing and he was playing with my nipples. My cock got even harder. I was really turned on but when he reached his hand around me and stuck a finger in my ass I nearly came right then. Then he had a second finger in my ass and a few minutes later he said "You're getting me fucking horny. If you can take my three fingers you surely can take my big cock. He lifted me up and took me back over to the bed. He laid down and told me to be his mouth cunt. I bent over him and started to suck him. His cock was long and fat and had a nice hood. I could barely get more than the head in my mouth. Then he put me on my belly and I could feel him on top of me. He had stretched my asshole out a bit with his fingers but when he put the tip of his cock at my asshole and started to push in it was stretched to a whole new level. Before I knew it he was laying on top of me. He said not many men could take his whole cock in their ass and he was impressed by my ability to take his entire shaft. Then he started to slowly fuck me and got me moaning. It wasn't long and he was making full thrusts in and out. He was a real fucking stud and when he rolled me over I new I wanted it more than ever. He lifted my legs and scooted up so he could fuck me while looking in my eyes. My cock was still hard and he was basically giving me a prostate exam with his cock. I just kept saying "Oh fuck" over and over. But it wasn't until he reached up and pulled both of my nipples that I felt myself about to cum. I yelled that I was cumming and he pulled harder on my nips.

I let go and my first stream shot out of my cock and hit me on the chin. That had never happened before. He was fucking me like I was his whore. He owned me and my ass that night. He was able to fuck me for a good 20 minutes before he said he was going to cum. I told him to breed me and he let loose. I felt the warmth of his cum fill my ass. When he finally pulled out of my ass I could feel the warmth of his cum ooze out of my ass and down my crack. That was the first of many nights at his place. Sometimes he fucked me and sometimes I just sucked him until my jaw hurt. I'm not sure which is better, sucking his massive cock or having him pound me like a bitch. My wife has no idea I do this but she's a bit self-absorbed and as long as I don't pressure for sex she's happy. I guess I'll keep sucking his big cock until I find something better, if that's at all possible.