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When I was in my early 20s I hooked up with Alice. She had a very pretty face but was a little heavy. What I liked most about her was her tits. They were large and she had big nipples and loved to have them sucked. In public she was shy and dressed very modestly. But when she got in the bedroom all inhibitions went out the window. She even enjoyed eating my ass and finger fucking me while sucking my cock. One night she confessed that she secretly liked to eat pussy as well as sucking cock and she had several encounters with other women. When she asked me if I enjoyed cock I didn't know what to say. I had sucked one cock a couple years earlier but didn't consider myself gay or bi-sexual. I did discover though that when she was sucking or fucking me when I had her recount a sexual experience or fantasy it turned her on even more.

One night after she sucked me off she said she had a friend who was gay and would love to see him and me together. She brought it up so many times that I finally said that I would do it. Then she warned me that he was a totally top. I wasn't really sure what that meant but didn't want to seem naive so I said that didn't bother me. She said she would set it up for the next Friday night. I thought we would be at her apartment but when I got to her apartment she ushered me to her car. We drove straight to his house and when he invited us in we went straight to the basement. It was like a fucking sex gym. I didn't know what half the stuff was for. She sat in a chair in the corner and he told me to get naked. I wasn't sure I liked being bossed around like that but when I looked at Alice she shook her head indicating that I should just do what he said. I stripped and when I was naked he looked down at my cock and said "what a tiny little fucking cock you have. Tonight you're gonna feel a real man's cock." I was ready to leave when he told me to get over to the padded bench. I was a little frightened but obeyed. It was like a massage bench and he laid me on my back with my head hanging off the end. In a few seconds he was naked and had his cock in my face. I had my mouth closed when he said "Open your fucking mouth you little cunt." I figured this was his way of being playful so I wanted to play along and kept my mouth closed. I figured out that he wasn't kidding when he slapped me across the cheek and said to open my fucking mouth. Now I was downright scared. He pushed his half hard cock past my lips. Even soft his cock was bigger than mine. He held my face and started to mouth fuck me. Slowly his cock got hard. I actually started to like it so when he pulled it out of my mouth I realized I wanted more of it.

Then he told me to stand up and bend over the table. I guess I was a little slow for him and he slapped me again. He was fucking strong and it stung like a bitch. He grabbed an arm and pulled me off the bench to a standing position and turned me around. He bent me over the bench and within a couple of seconds hes finger was in my asshole. He must have licked it or something as it was wet and slid in pretty easily. His other hand was in the middle of my back holding me down. Then he said "You ready to get fucked bitch?" When I said I didn't do anal he ignored me and put a second finger in. Then he started to finger fuck me slowly and quickly increased until his fingers were pounding me. It was a bit painful and I asked him to stop. He said he wasn't gonna stop until he filled my ass. I wasn't exactly sure what that meant but found out when he pulled his fingers out and shoved his cock inside me. I yelled in pain as he pushed past my pucker spot. I never intended to have someone shove his cock in my ass. I looked over to Alice and she was naked with two fingers in her cunt. I felt humiliated and used. I told him I needed to go home and he again ignored me. I struggled a little until he reached under me and grabbed my nuts. He squeezed a little and told me to stop struggling. He was squeezing hard enough to make me freeze. Then he said "That's a good little cunt. Take it like the little fucking whore you are." Then he started to fuck me harder and faster. The initial pain got intense then started to subside. Within about two minutes I had relaxed and his big cock felt amazing sliding in and out of my ass. I could hear Alice as I was getting fucked. She was in ecstasy, but then again so was I. I never thought I would enjoy anything inside my ass but this was fucking amazing.

After about 10 minutes of fucking me he pulled his cock out of my ass. He ushered me over to his sex swing and sat me in it. Then he cuffed my hands up over my head and put my feet in some sort of stirrups. He strapped my waist in and walked behind me. Then to my shock he pulled my head back and I was nearly upside down and his cock was being pushed back into my mouth. It smelled a little like ass as he started to mouth fuck me again. Then he said he's unique in that he can cum three times in a row and with me horizontal and his cock in my mouth he started cumming. He filled my mouth until it was running out and down my face. I had never tasted cum before and didn't really like it but had no choice but to either try to swallow it or choke. He had really big nuts as well as a big cock and produced a massive load.

When he was spent he didn't even slow down. His cock didn't get soft at all and he pulled it out of my mouth and pushed me forward so my face was looking at the floor. Then he shoved his cock back into my asshole. This swing thing was amazing as he fucked me for the next 15 minutes. My cock was rock hard while he fucked me. I was totally helpless so I decided to try to enjoy it. I discovered what being a bottom was about. Alice was lost in her own pussy and I didn't even know the name of the guy fucking me like a cheap whore. He didn't even warn me as he pulled me back into him and came a second time. He still stayed hard as he continued to fuck me even after he was drained. I was also lost into my own world just like Alice. When he pulled his cock out of my ass he put me upright and undid all my bonds. I stepped out of the swing and he sat in another chair and just stared at me. I had the choice to do whatever I wanted. His cock was still hard. It was so fucking amazing that I wanted it more and more. I walked over to him and asked if he wanted to suck my cock. He said no and just pointed to his cock.

I wasn't ready to quit this night yet so I knelt in front of him and started to suck him again. He was hard yet his skin was soft as a baby's cock. I sucked him for about five minutes when he said to sit on his cock. Without even thinking about it I straddled him and put my asshole at the tip of his cock. Then I slowly lowered myself down onto it. What a fucking rush that was. I was now willingly fucking another man with my ass. I almost felt like a woman on her honeymoon. I bounced up and down on his cock until he said he was ready to cum. I didn't even care. It felt so fucking great that I just kept fucking him until he filled my ass again with his jizz. I nearly passed out and realized that I had cum also. It was all over his chest but my cock was still hard. When he finally told me to get off of him I walked over to Alice and stood in front of her. She leaned forward and sucked me until I came a second time.

that was one of the greatest fucking nights of my life. I never saw him again but have been getting fucked nearly every week. It caused us to break up and I've never had another woman. I don't really find men attractive but I love a cock in my mouth and ass more than any sex with a woman. I'm just a fucking cum slut and probably will be for the rest of my life.