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When I was about 12 my cousin came back from the Army. He would babysit me nearly every Friday night. He usually ended up a little drunk by the time my parents came home. After a couple years it became a Friday ritual. He, Dave would come over, by parents would leave for four or five hours and I would spend most of the time in my room while he drank and watched TV. When I was 16 he still came over. I really didn't need a sitter anymore but he liked coming over and drinking my dad's beer.

One night he came into my room and offered me a beer. I had snuck a beer now and then so I knew what it tasted like. But this night he was pretty drunk when he came into my room. He didn't say anything but just handed me a beer. After I drank it he went into the kitchen and got a couple more. After the second one I was a little tipsy. He started talking about all the pussy he had with the women in his outfits and was getting pretty graphic. Then he asked if I had ever been fucked. I was a little shaken but told him no. He gas getting pretty drunk and I was reeling a little when he pushed me onto my bed and said he wanted to teach me about sex. I was intrigued so I told him I was looking forward to it. He started rubbing my thigh and said the first step was to see if he could make me cum. His hand moved farther up until he was rubbing my pussy. I was kind of out of it so I didn't protest. Then he undid my pants and pulled them off. Next he removed my underwear. I was on my back so I really didn't want to see what he was doing. then I felt his hand on my bare pussy.

This was the most exciting feeling I ever had. He was rubbing up and down and then he started to gently rub my clit with two fingers. I moaned a little and he gently slipped a finger inside me. I had popped my cherry a long time ago with my own fingers but to have somebody else finger fuck me was a whole new of excitement. Then I felt a hand on one of my tits. With his fingers in my pussy and rubbing my nipples between his thumb and fingers I lost all sense. His fingers were fucking me and his thumb was flicking my clit. Then I came. He seemed pleased and said that was how it should feel. I was still a little drunk and just said that I needed more. He then started to finger fuck me with three fingers and made me cum a second time.

That was about all that happened that night. I was looking forward to next Friday night but he didn't show up. But the next Friday he came over. After some discussion my parents left for a movie. Almost immediately he brought a couple of beers into my room. We spent the next couple hours just talking, and after the third beer I started squirming a little. Then he asked point blank if I was ready to get fucked. I told him that I wasn't sure but he got me a couple more beers. I was about drunk when he turned and kissed me. His tongue probed my mouth and it was the first time that ever happened. At the same time his hand was rubbing my pussy through my jeans. I just kept saying "Oh fuck" over and over. He told me to get undressed. I managed to take off my pants and panties and he said to remove all my clothes. Within a couple minutes I was totally naked and he had his pants and underwear off. His cock looked massive. He said it was average but he could fuck like a pro.

The room was spinning a little and I let him have his way. what I didn't expect but loved it was when he pushed me onto my back on the bed and straddled my chest. He put his cock up to my lips and said the next step was to suck him until he was ready. He pushed his cock past my lips and I opened my mouth and took his cock in. That was the first time I had ever sucked a cock but was soon letting him mouth fuck me. It lasted about five minutes and he kept saying how good I sucked cock. Before I knew it he was cumming in my mouth. He said it was natural and I should swallow it. I did. He kept his cock in my mouth and said I needed to suck him until he was hard again. By this time my pussy was flowing juice. When he was hard again he pulled out of my mouth and scooted down until his face was between my legs. He started to suck on my clit and his tongue was darting in and out of my pussy. He didn't call it a pussy but said I had the sweetest cunt he had ever tasted.

He mouth fucked me for about 15 minutes and said I was ready. He scooted up and pushed my legs up a little. Then I felt his cock enter me. Oh fuck what a feeling. I nearly fainted. He said his cock was average but it filled me all the way. Then he started to fuck me as his hand went up to my tit. He was fondling my nipple while his cock was working my cunt. Masturbating was good but this was much better. He fucked me for at least 20 minutes before he pulled his cock out of my cunt and came on my belly. He rubbed it in a little then put his fingers up to my mouth. His finger was essentially fucking my mouth as I sucked all of his cum off of his fingers. My nipples were hard and my pussy satisfied. I had finally been fucked.

We fucked a bunch of times over the next couple of years and my parents were never the wiser. I finally married a man with a big cock. I suck him until he fills my mouth then continue sucking him until he's ready to fuck me. This has been our routine for a number of years now and I know that as long as I make him cum several times a week he will do my bidding. I love sucking his cock and love his big cock in my cunt. He even likes it when I talk dirty to him. He's a horny bastard but I'm just a cock slut. And it all started with a beer and a hand between my legs many years ago.