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Believe it or not, children get curious and aroused sexually at a very young age.

When I was almost 5 years old our neighbors grandson, Alan, came to spend the summer with them. We played outside the first couple weeks then getting more familiar started our play time in the house. One day he said we were going to play doctor -patient. He would be the doctor and I was the pretend patient. He had one of those toy doctor kits. There was nobody else in the house so we went to my room. He told me to undress and lay down for my exam. With his toy stethescope he pretended to listen all parts of my little body. Doing what he told me I spread my legs and he put the stethescope on my pussy opening. He told me to turn on my tummy so he could take my temperature. I thought it was pretend until he really pushed something into my butthole. I told him "no" but he said we need a temp so be still. It was weird and then I found out it was one of his fingers when he started to bend his knuckles back and forth. I didn't dare cry out because something in my mind told me we were playing nasty. I asked him to stop but he said the exam wasn't over. He kind of started moving his finger in and out of my butthole and it hurt a little. He stopped moving his finger but he left his finger inside my butthole for a few more minutes. When he finally took his finger out I told him there is something in there, "get it out, please get it out". That is when he started finger fucking my butthole seemed like a long time. I got dressed and we promised not to tell anyone what we did.

Sometimes he was allowed to spend the night at our house to give his grandma a rest. The sofa was made into a bed for him but sometimes he would end up in bed with me. We just had to be quiet so nobody would find out we were being bad. I was facinated by his penis and why didn't I have one of those so I could stand up to pee anywhere. Things went further in my bed after getting naked and pulling the covers over us. We were head to toe and while he finger fucked my butthole I took his penis in my mouth and started sucking it like a nipple. We would go to sleep, me with his penis in my mouth and him with his finger stuck inside my butthole and I put my finger inside my vagina. We were able to hold our positions through the night. He even woke me early one morning and told me he was going to cum in my mouth, I nod my head okay and it wasn't cum but he pissed in my mouth and down my throat. I didn't dare let him piss the bed because I would be blamed. Of course at that early age he wasn't producing sperm but we did pretend.

We spent 7 summers doing everything together. We had our pretend world and carried our pretend world into reality. We would set up a makeshift camp with a tent pretending it was a cabin where I lived and him as a stranger would break in and kidnap me taking me into a forest to be his woman. The forest was a wooded area next to a creek where we would skinny dip and after our swim we would lay on a blanket in the shade as I let Alan suck my undeveloped breasts.

We played doctor many times and Alan would always come up with the story how he couldn't get my temperature so lets try this or that. He found a string of beads from costume jewelry. The beads were all same size about half inch diameter a total 25 beads. He would take his time pushing the beads inside my canal one at a time leaving the last one outside my hole. With each one, "how does that feel?" Good I told him. "How long before I am well?" After he had the entire necklace inside my butt we would go through the day running and climbing trees and swimming, all while I held the beads inside my hole. It was a lovely secret game. When it was time to remove the beads he had me on hands and knees telling me hold it in, count to 10, hold it, as he would pluck it from my squeezing anus. What I know is it felt really nasty and really good at the same time.

At that time in history nobody had thoughts about keeping their cats and dogs confined or neutered and spayed. We watched many times the dogs in the neighborhood mating and we both got excited about watching them do their thing. I'll never forget the first time we got adventurous while the dogs mated. I think I was 10 and while we were running around naked in our forest the male started hunching and humping at a female that was in heat, I spread my legs and started humping at the air then started rubbing my pussy. Alan was jacking his penis. We happened to have a jar of peanut butter with us for a snack and when the male dog finished with the female Alan told me "watch this". He smeared peanut butter around his stiff penis and called the dog over to him and the dog started licking the peanut butter off of his genetils. He said it felt good, kind of tickles but felt great, then he told me "hurry up put some on your coochie, he'll clean it off". After putting the peanut butter on my pussy I called the dog over to me "here boy, look what I have". His nose went right between my legs and I propped myself on my elbows and watched the tongue take over my hole. It was exciting and felt really good until the dog wanted no more and it was time to go home.

The following summer we were almost 11 then and we educated ourselves more about each others bodies. I was really happy to see Alan. We could hardly wait to see how much we had grown and changed. That first day we would be left alone for several hours we grabbed the chance to find out. Alan said "lets play doctor like we used to". Okay as he played doctor and I was his patient. He told me he would take my temperature, and I had so many times allowed him to finger my butthole I didn't object when he pushed his finger inside my anus. After 5 minutes he said it wasn't working so he would have to try my coochie. I lay there with one finger in my butthole and one finger inside my coochie hole. Then he started moving his fingers in and out of my holes getting me more aroused. My body betrayed me as I started hunching my hips back and forth until he told me "look, I'm getting bigger" indicating his penis was getting bigger ... and it was. I reached out and put my hand around it while it looked like it would explode, and explode it did ... he shot out cum from his pee hole. It was so exciting for both of us. I told him to do it again but he told me we had to wait a while. I asked what we could do next. My doctor boyfriend took a nozzle that fit a douch out of his bag as he told me to relax for a medical test. He coated the nozzle with vasaline, having me on my side he inserted the tip inside my butthole and began working it slowly in and out of my canal going slowly deeper with each stroke into my gut. By the time he had the entire length of the 6 inch nozzle all the way up my canal I was begging him to "do it, do it, do it" meaning him to fuck me with the makeshift dildo. I got on my hands and knees and worked my ass back and forth against the tool until I had my first true orgasm. I relaxed and told my doctor boyfriend to leave it inside me. We must have gone at it for half an hour. By that time his penis came to life again so I clutched it and started working his sheath back and forth. The whole time he told me how good that made him feel. I liked having control of his penis and when he was ready to cum he let me know he was ready. I pulled his penis into my mouth and let him shoot his wad of cum in my mouth. I made him put the bead necklace up my asshole and leave them inside me until the next day.

One day while we were at the creek having our picnic we were playing with each other and since I was his captive woman he told me to suck him until he came in my mouth. While I worked him with my mouth he finger fucked my pussy until it was almost raw. Just about the same time he started to shoot his cum in my mouth we were surprised suddenly by a visitor. His grandpa stood near us and said "well, isn't that the sweetest thing". We jumped and tried to cover ourselves, I had some of the cum dripping from my lips. His grandpa said "that's okay, let me show you something". He took his swelling penis from his pants and started jacking it getting closer and closer to us. I must have looked scared when his grandpa asked me "did you suck his cum?". I nodded my head yes, then he said that's a good girl now relax while he pushed me firmly but gently onto my back. He told Alan, his grandson, watch and learn boy. A big grown man had a big thick penis and thick fingers. He got on his knees and got closer to my face then he demanded "now girl I want you to suck this, get thirsty and suck the cum from my cock, it's happy to see you, see it smile". Of course I couldn't get the whole thing in my mouth and gagged as he would try to bury his penis into my face. "Good girl, drink it, drink it all down, don't waste a drop". His cum tasted funny kind of metalic but I managed to swallow everything he spent.

The next day we decided to stay close to the house and occupy ourselves. But the day after we went back to our picnic spot next to the creek. Skinny dipping and splashing around for a while then we saw grandpa coming to interrupt our fun. We got out of the water and going for our towels grandpa was sitting on our blanket he told me, lay down little girl. He had me on my back and told Alan "look at her titties, they are growing, why don't you suck her titties". Alan did as he was told. While he was sucking on one of my titties his grandpa told him to finger my pussy to open things up and get it juicy. I felt things happening inside my body and I got more aroused doing "nasty things" and with grandpa exposing his penis I put my hand around it and started jacking it back and forth. My hips were humping up and down on Alans fingers and started moaning. Grandpa was both gentle and commanding at the same time. He was saying, "good boy, treat her nice because she likes it and she wants it. Good girl, relax and let it happen, you are a sexy woman, show us how sexy you are". The sound of my juices meeting the friction of the fingers made it even more exciting. When his grandpa was ready to cum he got it to my mouth and again he told me to suck it and drink his exploding cum not to waste a drop. It felt so good I couldn't believe it. I was proud of myself and enjoyed being praised. After sucking his cum Alan said "I'm going to cum in your mouth now, put his cock in my mouth at the last moment to let me finish him. Grandpa left us to pick up our things to return home.

The next day Alan told me he saw his grandpa and grandma having sex that night. He said they thought he was asleep so they didn't close their bedroom door so he was in the hall watching and listening. He told me he got so excited he had wished I was there so I could suck his cum. I wish I would have been there too.

We continued our fuck fest of love all summer almost every day we did the deeds. One encounter at our picnic grandpa joined us again and things remained the same. He would speak demanding but so gentle to coax and coach us to go farther and make our fucking last longer and longer. He would complement us, "good girl, lets see your sweet honey hole, give dicky a kiss". I learned to have orgasms being finger fucked in my pussy and my butthole either at the same time or one at a time. One day grandpa came along just about the time Alan was finger fucking both my pussy and butthole at the same time. Grandpa waited a few minutes and said "let me help you with that boy". Grandpa had me get on my hands and knees and told Alan to go to my face to let me suck him then grandpa pushed his finger into my butthole in and out back and forth gently pushing my body forward to Alans cock. "That's a good girl, relax and let your body do what it wants". Then grandpa stopped stroking in and out and held his hand stationary firmly against my butthole. My body started moving to and fro spontaneously as I sucked his cock grunting and moaning. "Good boy, she wants your sweet creamy cum, the longer you make her wait the more she wants, make her wait. Good girl, beg for it".

When summer was over and Alan returned to his parents it would be a long dry spell before I could have so much fun. But it wasn't such a dry spell. Grandpa next door would sometimes find me at the picnic place. He asked me what I was doing all alone. I told him I was waiting to feed the dog that might come by. "But you only have peanut butter with you". I told him how we let the dog eat the peanut butter from my coochie. "Really?". When the dog was coming near I asked grandpa to help me, so he started pushing peanut butter inside me and then we waited. I saw the bulge in his pants as his cock was getting bigger. He watched as the dog gave my coochie a tongue bath, until I was cleaned out. I was happy to see grandpa and asked him to help me be a good girl. I begged him, please let me suck your cum, I'm so thirsty, I won't waste any. Thank you. Grandpa asked if I ever let the doggy dick inside my coochie. I told him, no of course not. Then grandpa said "we will work on that later".

That is another story.