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I took up raquetball when I was about 14. By 17 I was the city champ. About that time my cousin moved into our town. He was 23 and had come back from the military. When he found out I was into raquetball he said he wanted to play me. We got to the court and I waxed him. He couldn't believe it. He thought he was pretty good. For most of my junior year he was my playing partner. Then one day he offered me a bet. Whoever lost had to blow the other one. I had never had a blowjob before but jerked off a lot and had seen a bunch of stuff on-line. I said okay. I beat him handily. He said he lost fair and square and we should go to his place for payment. We went to his place and he sucked my cock and swallowed every fucking drop. I loved it. He was good.

We went on like this for another month and he sucked my cock at least six times that month. Then one night he bet me that the winner would get to ass fuck the loser. I had never fucked anyone but thought this might be kind of fun. Besides, my six inch cock was getting hard nearly every night and I longed for somewhere to put it besides his mouth. I said okay. For the first time he beat me. Barely. When we got to his apartment he had me get naked. I was used to him seeing my naked by now but I'd never seen him without his clothes on. When he finally dropped his shorts I couldn't keep my eyes off of his cock. It looked huge compared to mine. He always he said I had a nice cock when he was sucking me, but now he said I had to suck him hard in order for him to fuck me. I was a little scared but I knelt down and took his cock in my mouth. It grew with every pulse and by the time it was hard it was at least eight inches long and I could barely fit more than the head in my mouth. I loved it. I wondered then if I could be gay. I asked him if this means I was gay. He said that I could like both cock and pussy and be alright. I took it as the truth and sucked even harder. He finally was almost too big to fit in my mouth. Then he said to turn around and get on all fours. I did and he started to lick my asshole. My six inches was hard as a fucking rock and hadn't even been touched yet.

As he was tonguing my asshole he reached up and started to work on my nipples. I loved it even more. When he thought I was lubed enough with his tongue he scooted up behind me and the tip of his cock pushed into my asshole. It hurt at first but he told me to relax and it would be okay. He was right. Within minutes he was all the way in me and it felt great. Then he started to fuck me. He was a real fucking stud as he pistoned in and out of me. My nipples were hard, my dick was hard and he fucked me for about 15 minutes and said he was gonna cum. I felt his warm liquid squirt into me and he finally pulled out when he was spent. It was one of the greatest feeling I'd ever had. I just collapsed on the floor as he got up and got dressed. He finally said he better get me home. I had to jerk off twice that night.

Then next game I bet him the same thing. I didn't try very hard and he fucked me again. and nearly every time we played. We eventually stopped playing raquetball and just met up and went to his house so I could have him fuck me or suck his cock. I even got used to him cumming in my mouth. I finally moved away after high school and have been looking for cock ever since. That was about five years ago and I have a wonderful older man in my life but I'll never forget the initiation I got from my cousin, Marvin. Fuck me.