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My husband thinks I clean up my neighbors house every Saturday and thinks I make $60. David is 62 and on a disability pension but isn't really disabled at all. I'm 28 and for 8 months I go to his house every Saturday afternoon and basically just satisfy him. He pays me $100 and what I do first is pretty much give him a sponge bath like he is a little kid. I also shave his pubic hair and he has me shave the hair in his butt crack. Once that is all done I jerk him off then put body lotion all over him. He wanted me to undress when I do this but he settled on me just doing it in my bra and panties. When I get to his house he is naked as soon as he unlocks the door and I am positive this man is an exhibitionist. It seems I am able to dictate when he has an erection and I sometimes jerk him off twice and charge him another $30. I know my husband would kill me if he ever found out I am doing this and has only met David once. He's an old man but he has no trouble getting an erection and he ejaculates a good bit of semen even a second time. He's had me measure his penis several times and soft it is only 3'' but hard it is 7 1/4"'. He keeps wanting me to be naked but I just don't want do that. He is built well for somebody his age and I 'm sure he is faking his disability from his job. He admits he likes me seeing him nude and exposes his body to me in every way possible. He has no sense of modesty especially the ways his anus is exposed to me every week when I shave him and he trusts me to shave his scrotum and his penis. I do it for the money but it also gives me a sense of power over him knowing I can control his arousal. I tease him at times by smacking his erection or snapping my finger into it. Its strange how he begins to get limp but as soon as I touch his penis again he gets erect again. Its like I can turn him off and on. He's never asked me to do this but many times I actually spank him and admit I hit him pretty hard. He only once asked me why and I just told him he is bad. Now when I smack him he never says a word and I'm sure it hurts since I can see his ass cheeks getting red but he never complains. In a way I like hurting him and while doing it tell him he is a dirty old man.