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It was our Honeymoon and I was l.ooking forward to my first fuck. I was a virgin when we got married. I had stroked his cock a few times but he had never cum. I was raised in a strict Christian household. So when we got married I was really looking forward to our first night as man and wife. We got to a motel and he said we should shower together. As we stepped into the shower that was the first time we'd seen each other completely naked. We washed each other's backs and he even talked me into washing his cock and balls. He was hard by the time we finished. He seemed huge to me, although he said he was only average. But I was impressed nonetheless.

After we dried each other off he said we should go to bed. I let him lead. I asked him how we should do this and he said first I had to suck his cock. He never talked like this before but it was sort of exciting. He was on his back and I bent over him and took his cock in my mouth. He moved me so my pussy was on his mouth He was tongue fucking me when I came for the first time. I was moaning when I came and he didn't even flinch when I squirted into his mouth. I kept sucking him until he said he was gonna cum and told me to keep my mouth on his cock. I did and he came in my mouth. I actually loved it. I swallowed all of his cum and he kept fucking my mouth until he was hard again. I got off of him and we switched places so I was on my back and he put his still hard cock up to my pussy. He shoved it in and fucked me for the first time. He must have fucked me for a half hour before he came a second time.

That was my first encounter with intercourse. Since then we've gotten into group sex and swinging. I love cock and have sucked and fucked much bigger cocks than Terry's. I love him dearly but we have agreed that we could fuck anyone we wanted as long as the other one knew about it. Lately I've been fucking Byron, a black man with a really big cock. I have learned to deep throat him and he even fucked me in the ass a couple of times. I tell Terry everything and last night he said he wanted to suck this giant cock. I've set up for next Friday night and can't wait to see my new husband suck a cock for real.

Not only did Terry suck his cock but I saw my new husband get fucked by a big black cock for the first time. It made me cum harder than ever before.