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Monty and I married about 6 months ago and he was a little weird but loveable while we dated but I was kind of turned on when he would talk me into flashing truckers when we were dating and one time he asked me if I wanted to learn how to ride his motorcycle and it sounded like fun so we took off slow around the block several times before I was brave enough to take it out on the highway .

I was wearing shorts and a halter top when we pulled out onto the highway and it felt fantastic with the wind whipping in my face but Monty took advantage of it and pulled my halter top up around my neck with dozens of cars passing us and I stated swearing and ordering him to put it back where it belonged.

Many cars were honking their horns as we passed enjoying the show but at first I was as mad as a hornet but what could I do we were on the freeway except look for a place to get off.

Monty had cupped my breasts n his hands and all of a sudden it seamed comical and I started to laugh and we wound up back at his apartment with my halter top put back where it belonged and we fucked like bunnies laughing about it.

Well after we married he all of a sudden wanted to watch me with other men and I refused mostly because he insisted on watching.

I warned him several times that I would leave if he didn't stop but he was fixated on it so one Friday I left him a note that when he grew up to call me and I moved in with a friend of mine Sharon.

Being Friday night she wanted to party so we went out to this cowboy bar in Fairfield dressed in short skirts and tube tops not looking to get laid but that was an option after all Monty and I had split the sheets so to speak.

Well Sharon lucked out first and she gave me the key to her apartment and said don't expect me home tonight and for some reason the thought of her getting laid made me horny and I had danced with a guy named Stan for several dances and he had tried to feel me up a couple times and I had told him no I was married.

Well the next dance was slow and he laid his hand on my ass and I let him do it then he pulled me close and we were chest to chest as we danced .

The music was so loud that we couldn't talk without shouting and I was getting very horny .

Well to cut it short he and I went to his place after the bar closed and we fucked and I found out that I really liked it .

I mean after all of Monty's begging me to do it I finally did but on my terms this time It was around 2 A M when my phone went off and I was giving Stan a blow job to get him hard enough to fuck again and I looked and it was Monty so I answered but my throat was a little rough when he demanded where are you I have been by Sharon's place 5 times and the lights are turned off.

I said I left you didn't you read the note ???

He said yes but you are supposed to be at Sharon's and you are not there I knocked on the door and nobody was home and you haven't answered your phone all evening.

I decided to tell him just what I have been up to in spite and I said the bar music was to loud and I couldn't hear the damned thing..

He was quiet for a while and then said the bars closed over an hour ago where are you ? I said I took you up on your offer and I picked a guy up in a bar and we have already fucked once and I loved it now if you will hang up I will finish sucking him hard again so we can fuck once more I will call you tomorrow and we can talk then he began to question me and I said Monty I am going to turn my ph. off now good night and I turned back to Stan that was laying there his eyes wide open watching me and his cock had gone soft again.

I said oh that was my husband no big deal he has been trying to talk me into fucking a guy while he watches and I just wanted to see what it might be like as I sucked him back into my mouth.

That was the beginning of my life as a shared wife and 12 years later we have three kids and one of them were fathered by my hubby.

I decided to be spitefull and sais