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I was 22 and in the Navy. We had just come off a 6 month cruise and were in port. We could either stay on ship or get a motel for a couple of nights. I chose a motel. After dinner the first night Jim and I went for a drink. I suspected Jim was gay but couldn't prove it but he was a friend so we went out together when we were in port. At the bar that night we started drinking. I had a few and was feeling pretty drunk when he asked me if I'd ever been fucked by a guy. Of cuorse I told him that I wasn't gay. Then he said "I'll bet you a hundred bucks that by the time we get back on the ship I would beg him to fuck me." I was pretty sure I could win that bet so we shook on it.

Nothing happened for the next few hours as we drank and bullshitted. then he said he would make sure I got back to my motel room and we left. We got to my room and he said that he would make sure I got into bed. I let him strip me as I could barely stand. Then he grabbed my cock and said he needed to suck it. I was too drunk to argue but as I lay down and he started to suck me I started to get hard. He said I had the most beautiful cock he'd ever seen. While he was sucking me he was playing with my asshole. As I was about to cum he stuck a finger in my ass and said to give it to him. I cme harder than ever before. It was great. He tllk it all and when he took his mouth off of my cock he moved down and started to tongue my asshole. He was essentially fucking my ass with his tongue when he reached up and started to stroke my cock again. I started to get hard.

When I was almost hard he switched positions and had his cock against my asshole. He asked if I wanted to cum again. I told him yes. Then he said I had to ask him to fuck me. I was still drunk so I told him to fuck me. He teased my asshole with his cock and said to beg him to fuck me. At that point he was stroking my cock and stopped. I really wanted him to keep going so I said that I was begging him to fuck me. He started to stroke my cock again and pushed his slippery cock into my ass. Then he started to slowly fuck me and stroke me. He said to tell him I was a little fucking ass cunt whore and needed his cock inside me. I said it. He fucked me for about 20 minutes and filled my ass with his cum. He finally pulled out about the time I passed out.

The next morning he knocked on my door. When I answered it he said I owed him a hundred bucks. I told him no fucking way. I remembered the bet but not much else. Then he showed me the video of me sucking his cock and begging him to fuck me. Son of a bitch. He had tricked me and now I owe him a hundred bucks. But the good part of this story is that I found out the joy of sucking cock and being ass fucked by a buddy. To this day, 24 years later, both of us married, we still get away most weekends and suck and fuck each other until we can't cum any more.