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I went to the gay bar that night. I was pissed at my wife and she told me to fuck off. So I left. Usually I just go to the local bar and have a few but this night I drove into town to the gay bar. I started drinking about 9:00. By 10:00 I was feeling no pain. There were a couple dozen men in the bar drinking and feeling each other up. I had an inspiration. When the music died down I yelled, "Hey, anybody want to fuck me?" Nothing. Then the music started again. I had another beer. Then two guys came up to me and asked if I was serious about being fucked. They said their names were Tom and Steve. Tom said Steve had the biggest hardest cock he'd ever seen and would like to see him fuck me. I said okay and they said to follow them back to their place. I was pretty drunk but managed to follow them home.

When we got to their house I noticed it was at the end of a dark road. We walked in and Tom started to kiss me. I was too drunk to fight it and kissed him back. Then he started to play with my ass cheeks and asked if I really wanted a big cock in my ass. I said that I did and he led me to the bedroom. Steve was already naked and they both undressed me. Tom said to lay on my stomach and as I did Steve straddled my legs. I felt a cold liquid being poured on my ass cheeks and down my ass crack. Tom was sitting at my head and told me to suck him. His cock was about the size of mine, six inches or so. He was already hard when he straddled my head and I started to suck him. Then I felt a finger enter my asshole. Steve was stretching my ass out a bit and said that he had to prepare me for his big cock. I still hadn't seen it and wondered just how big it was. I found out soon enough as he removed his finger and his cock strained against me. He pushed past my sphincter and I felt the biggest cock I'd ever felt inside me. He was stretching my asshole to the limit. He started to fuck me as I sucked Tom's cock. Tom had a really nice cock. Soft and hard at the same time and I was enjoying it when Steve plunged all the way in me. Holy fuck it was huge. I was drunk enough to relax my ass but still felt it. He started to fuck me and I lost it. I started to suck Tom for all I was worth until he said he was ready to cum. I wasn't ready to stop yet so I kept sucking as he came in my mouth. I swallowed every fucking drop of his cum and kept sucking as I was getting the fucking of a lifetime.

Steve was such a fucking stud that an hour later he had cum twice in my ass and was still going. I thought I passed out for a bit but the next thing I remember was Steve had me on my back near the end of the bed and his cock was in my mouth. What a fucking cock. He was at least eight inches, probably closer to nine, thick and still huge as he started to mouth fuck me. Tom said Steve could cum a couple more times before he was done. I was in a daze. I swallowed two more smaller loads of Steve's cum before he pulled his cock out of my mouth. I passed out and awoke a couple hours later. They were both in the living room watching TV. Tom asked if I liked being fucked by a real cock. I said I did. We made arrangements to meet at their place every Friday night after work and my ass has been fucked at least two dozen times now.

Then one night they had an orgy and I let Steve fuck me for over a half hour in front of at least a dozen other men and women. Shat a fucking stud he is and what a fucking slut I've become for his cock.