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Here goes....I live in N.Texas (suburbs of Dallas), I am a normal guy, I work 9-5, not married and no kids. I do drugs (mainly Meth) but I am able to maintain, bills get paid all that jazz. 5 months ago, my sister found out what I do and she wanted to join me. We have never been close, so I was apprehensive. Back in late Aug early Sept, we met up and got a room.

I lucked out and have an EXCELLENT guy and my stuff ain't bad.

Like with most others, when I smoke I turn into a PERVERT!!! Anything goes, and any age I truly don't care. No animals, or bodily fluids...NOT my thing.

I warned her what it could do to her, but she didn't believe me.

I fucked up and gave her a HUGE rip from my "incense burner" and within 3 min, EVERYTHING CHANGED!

Ill cut to the chase....she and I fucked and fucked and fucked. Us being siblings only turned us on more!!!!!

No condoms, no holds barred. I can't believe we are doing this. When we are sober, we are totally normal, except we stare at each other alot.

No body knows, and we REALLY enjoy ourselves.

Heres...the kicker. On meth she has my same interests...

I think this weekend we are going to invite a special YOUNG girl over.

I feel bad for introducing her to this, but we have gotten closer, and I think I will see where this leads!!!

Forgive us....something tells me that we are ahead of the times.