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I am 16 and my Stepsister is 12 so I have to babysit when my parents want to go out. The first few times everything went ok she would go to bed on time and not give me any trouble.

Last week everything changed she came in the living room after her bath and said I bet you would like to see me naked. I told her to shut up and go to bed. She said I see the way you look at me wanting to see my ass and more. I told her she was talking crazy you are just a kid.

Now she was starting to get little titties and she did have a nice round ass and would be 13 in 1 month.

She said if you say please I will show you what I got under my nightgown.

I thought this will shut her up so I said please show me your bare body.

She dropped her nightgown to the floor and stood there naked. Do you want to touch my breasts she asked. I answered will you go to bed if I do I said.

She walked over to the couch and stood in front of me she had some very light hair on her mound and her breast were bigger than I had thought.

I began feeling her titties and leaned forward and kissed her pussy. She said kiss it some more rub your tongue on it.

I did as she asked and began lapping her little pussy my cock was getting hard and she said let me see your cock. I pulled it out and it was hard and wet.

What's that juice on your thing she said. It's per-cum I told her. Your thing is big she said. I said why don't you get on your knees and suck it.

Say please she said. I said please and she knelt down and began sucking on me. Please,please I said keep sucking and make me cum in your mouth.

Will you lick my pussy if I do she asked. Yes I will keep sucking my cock I'm going to cum. I was cuming in her mouth and it felt so go I screamed swallow my cum all of it. She sucked me for a bit longer then she said you came more than my boyfriend. I said I didn't know you had a boyfriend much less had sex with him. We don't fuck she said just suck each other now you said you would eat my pussy.

She laid down on the floor and spread her legs and I began licking her tight crack. It got real wet and I began sticking my tongue inside her she was moving her ass into my face. I started to slid my finger into her and she said stop I am a virgin. My cock was getting hard again and I asked her if I could fuck her. she said no just with your tongue keep licking me I want to cum too. I don't know how long it took for her to reach her goal, but it seemed like forever. She lay there panting and I moved up on her and touched her crack with my cock and the head went into her. Stop you fool don't go inside of me.

You have been fucked before I told her. Just once by my boyfriend and his cock is smaller that yours she cried.

I leaned forward and my cock stopped I knew that I would have to push harder if I wanted to get all the way inside her tight pussy.

I chickened out and took my cock out of her and started jerking off on her tits and soon I shot my second on her.

We have not done anything like that ever again, it was just one crazy night.