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Her name is alyssa. She has a slim body with long blonde hair. I can't measure her boobs since she wear a long dress everytime in which making her body slightly different. We talked each other sometimes. And i taught her how to drive a car since her parent working out of town for quiet a long time.

One day i decide to, well try her body. While i was accompany her to drive her car since she just able to do it for a while. I talked to her about sex and things like that. She a bit shy to respond until she become easy yo talk about it. We talk for quiet long. Until i told her i want to do it with her. She's a bit surprised. And stop a car near the pasrk in our neighboorhood. We talk about it. And she embarasssly say yes. And i begin to touch her. From her tight, to her private part and tge start to rouch her boobs. She resist for sometimes. Trying to hold my hand away. But she finally let me do what i want. I start to grab her boob and play with it. And she start to moan. I raise her t shirt to revealed it and i surprised she actually had a huge boobs. I played with it and even sucking it. Then i star to open her pants and revealeing her pussy. Her pussy is bald and still fresh. I play with her clit and she moan hard. Then she said she still want to kept her virginity. And i said dont worry there's still a way to do it. So i told her to wear her clothes again and we went to a huge tree in the park. I decide to fuck her there. Since the park is not to crowdy and people rarely go there. I sat next to the tree. And showing her my huge cock. She's surprised that she closed her mouth for that. I told her to suck it or blow the cock. She scarred for people watching us. But i told her nobody's there. Since i fucked the widow here too sometimes. So i taught her how to suck cock and she did it nicely. She doesn't hesitates to deepthroat and doesn't even resist when i hold her head down when i cum in her throat. Thought she didn't swallow it. Nect, i told her to bend to three. And lowered her pants revealing her butthole. I lubber my cock with cum. And jerking off until i cum to lubber her butthole. I push mi finger and she moan hard. My finger is inside her butthole. The i decide to fuck her immediatly. I push my cock in her butthole and she screma so loud. I didn't mind it since ther's nobody besides us. And then we fucked. I deeply fuck her butthole. And my feeling started to fill me. I finally say i love you to her. While we fucked. She then said she do love me too. And we fuck more intimately in her butthole until i decide to cum in there.

After all that we return to our home and she said that it was good to do that. And she want to do it in her pussy. But once she is 18. I said i will wait. Since then we still do the same things everytime we could do it. Even sometimes i sneak to her room through the window and fuck her while she does her homework. She kknows that i fucked those widows too. But she doesn't seem angry since she said if its a fun thing for me. I let her fuck with other guy she wants but she said she feels more confortable with me. Since we know each other For a long time. On her 18 birthday, we fuck and i took her virginity. We become lovers since then and until know. We still fuck till now. And one day she jokingly told me that i'm a pedophille since i was having sex with not mature girl. We both laughed for that.